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    Today is the Bhangra in The burgh

    did you watch the stream tho?
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    How to make ringtones

    come thru bro, more people to troll out there assuming you didnt already infiltrate the fb group
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    How to make ringtones

    and shes already gone lol
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    How to make ringtones

    youre a little late to the party
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    Budha Chaal?

    Thanks man I appreciate the support
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    Budha Chaal?

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    Budha Chaal?

    Hey Gibb, big fan of your work, BTF has pretty much migrated to Facebook now so no one really checks this site. You can ask your questions there, a lot more people will check it out.
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    Bhangra Set Structure Survey

    TLDR: If you've danced/made a set, fill this out: I already posted this on the FB group, but for the 5 people who still use this site: What's good BTF, I've been thinking about set design a lot lately and wanted to look at the statistics behind set...
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    Black Lives Matter Fundraiser

    eggcellent work
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    Advice on improving my Bhangra?

    First off, the robot head is hilarious lmao Bhangra is pretty tough to learn by yourself, so I respect the effort in learning from videos and trying it on your own. Improving your form is always easier when you have someone in front of you to show you how to do the moves, as well as tell you...
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    What to look for while holding auditions?

    Dunno how you're running your tryouts/auditions, but I'm assuming you teach a simple segment and have them perform it for you later or something like that. Main things I usually look for: 1. Skill obviously, if someone is getting all the moves down and looks good dancing, then they should make...
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    can we use this site more

    This site already has a lot of useful threads and resources, would kinda be a waste to delete it. Plus its easier to navigate than a fb page imo.
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    Bhangra Judging system.Should it be changed?

    @UmerQureshi96 youre judging boston this year right? Maybe pitch some of these ideas and try them out? These ideas have to start somewhere.
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    Bhangra Judging system.Should it be changed?

    I know this is the 100th time someones complained about judging, but I think that since so many people have made actual complaints about the judging system (not just saying "judges were wrong"), there has to be something that could make the process better. Here's some ideas I've been thinking...
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    "Captain Bhangra" by VanCity

    Knocking the knife out of the guy's hand with a saap was absolutely genius, 10/10 cant wait for the sequel.