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    BOLI HELP!! Anyoneee

    in the beginning, 00:27-00:30 ish
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    Nachdi Jawani @ Motor City Bhangra 2014

    Congrats on the first place! You guys did well at executing the set in all aspects: synchrony (in terms of timing of moves/transitions), energy level throughout, and dancers 1-8 dancing similarly. The band was dope too! There is nothing about dancer's that I care to talk about because I think...
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    Virse De Waris DDA 2013 (1st Place)

    Since it never got posted. This was our last performance and third consecutive '1st place' and Dhol Di Awaz, enjoy! Virse De Waris [V-DUB] @ Dhol Di Awaz 2013 {1st Place}
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    Ankhiley Gabroo @ GHG 2012 (2nd Place)

    The team placed 2nd at this competition. Hope you guys enjoy the set. :) Ankhiley Gabroo @ GHG 2012 Jori's Orange- Baljot Gill/ Sunny Gill Yellow- Ravi Parhar/ Jagdeep Bura Blue- Jasdeep Bura/ Jaskaran Pabla Pink- Harminder Chahal/ Amrit Sanghera Dholi- Gurgulshan Singh Singer- Sonu...
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    Aman Sandhu live sets

    Thats raja kandola from california, he has sang for ampd in their most recent sets.
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    NYPD performing at Elite 8 2012

    mixes are always amazing. song selection is everything i love, or probably anyone who dances live. keep it up
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    Ankhiley Gabroo @ GHG Mix

    oh gotcha, that part is a short snippet from kuldeep manak's dhulla.
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    Ankhiley Gabroo @ GHG Mix

    1 minute is ankhi jawan, and the artist im not too sure. 2:37 is charhai-deep dhillon
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    Ankhiley Gabroo @ GHG Mix

    last song is ranjit manni's-salaama
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    Ankhiley Gabroo @ GHG Mix

    here's their mix from the ghg fresno junior competition.
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    Gary and Dupi Big Apple 2011 Shoutout/Recommendation

    +1 these guys did their jobs really well. best liaisons ;)
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    AEG Bruin Mix 2011

    im diggin the mix, jatt di pasand was so so sick. listening to it live was incredibly fun! good job sargam, you make mixes that i tend to like ;)