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    Bhangra Blowout Application Process

    @JesseMangat I wasn't making any commentary on the skill level of the teams your team or any other team might have placed ahead of this season. I was just saying that as a rule, comparing placings is more of a subjective matter. I really do feel for you guys though and wish things could be done...
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    Bhangra Blowout Application Process

    Agree with the nationals system idea. I think that a comp like blowout should be based on video though, like Hsdeol stated. While placings may seem like an objective matter, you also have to take into account the skill level of the teams at those competitions, and then weigh that against the...
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    Nachde Nashville IV Placings and Feedback

    ^Have to agree with the commentary about the judges. Was by far one of the most helpful judges meetings we've had. Also wanted to give a big shoutout to Deshmesh from Texas Bhangra. Our team would not have looked nearly as good as we did and felt nearly as relaxed pre-comp without your huge...
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    Bhangra in the Burgh Predictions!

    1. NSG/Furteelay 2. NSG/Furteelay 3. FCB
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    Tashan Predictions

    1. AEG 2. SDS
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    Bhangra in the 6ix Predictions

    1. NJFL 2. NGPD 3. Soormay
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    **Anakh Sherniyan Di-Tashan and BAB 2016 Videos**

    Sorry for the delay in posting, kinda late. But very, VERY big improvement from Tashan to BAB. Congratulations to a well-deserved placing and a fantastic performance. Amazing job by the girls and solid work with coaching by Vick and Guntas. Loved the folk elements of the set, thought that was...
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    Reaching Out to all **CURRENT** Dancers/Captains

    Judging I think there should be a better vetting process to who can and should be a judge and who should not. Competitions should be more careful about the judges that they invite into the competition, because I have definitely seen a few judges in the circuit who a. don't fit the style of the...
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    Reaching Out to all **CURRENT** Dancers/Captains

    The fusion circuit has bid comps and bid point comps which can bring weaker teams to the best of comps when they really don't deserve to be there over other (better) teams who have applied to the same comps. You also have teams who don't compete often, and if those teams don't get first at the...
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    Alamo City Bhangra [Girls] @ BBC 2016

    I think there could have been a hyper drop saap drop around the minute mark, but that's just my opinion. Could've played with a difference in levels (squats vs jumps vs regular height) to amplify a few moves and make the presentation better. The rest was already said
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    Bruin Bhangra Predictions!

    No livestream and it's tonight
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    Bruin Bhangra Predictions!

    Tune squad
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    Rochester Bhangra @ Hilltop Hungama 2016; TOI 2016- First Place

    ALL GUYS SET -moves need to be properly executed -posture needs improvement-numerous people can be seen hunching over for many of the moves -thouhgt the set was very entertaining with good creativity and was very impressive -thought the choreo was too fast for one or two of the guys because...
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    The Michigan Bhangra Team @ Boston Bhangra 2015 and Motor City Bhangra 2016

    Sick sets, incorporated a ton of different, new ideas. I think the main difference between last year and this year is that instead of just being really clean and keeping the energy high the entire time, the creativity went through the roof and these sets are ten times more fun to watch...
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    Should I continue doing Bhangra ?

    Also, think about it this way: If you exercise, do enough runthroughs, and train your body, your problem is fixed. If you really do believe your form is better, and your stamina is your weakness, then it isn't that the captains don't think you are an inadequate dancer. They just haven't seen you...