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    Rhythm Boyz @ Bhangra Nation West 2007

    we coming back,:D
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    ..funny shit
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    Indiafest Bhangra Comp/ Rangli Jawani 1st performance

    the first video is yokessss
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    Bhangra Nation 13 - TEAM LINE UP

    most rigged competition ever, lets c wat happens this year
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    Whats better?

    So all the live teams mostly out there do u guys prefer theatre competition halls like the Living Arts Centre or dancing on a stage like PCAC chicago or the first Groundshaker at tht banquet hall with the stage up..what do u live teams like better cause I think the stage in banquet halls is better
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    new babbu mann song {must watch if u noe punjabi and political punjab}

    haha she didnt only say no to him for a duet, he was down in toronto at khosa's studio(hes a show producer) and he proposed to miss pooja and she said: whoo wantss to maryr youu, your a amli....hahaa..and its true cause we were practicing in the unit rifht beside it, and we found out like 2 ins...
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    Make your own bhangra dream team

    1st jori: Pargat Singh(RHYTHM BOYZ), and Mittha(RPD, PINKAS ORIGINAL JORI) 2nd jori: Amarjit(NJ), and Chan 3rd jori:khush(NJ) and Manna(sgpd) 4th jori: manjot(nsj) and kanwar(RPD) singer: gurpreet(india team)
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    Top Dog Teams that Vanished

    haha, yeaa we never came outt for a while noww but rhythm boyz arent gone, were still practicing and you'll see us at a competition real soonn..
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    yeahh were still here(rhythm boyz), we still practicing and will be at a competition realll sooonnn
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    youu forgot to count in rhythm boyzz..and im down for thissssss
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    Toronto Elite Bhangra at Dhol Di Awaz 2009

    good job boyss keep it up!
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    Bhangra Masti 3 - Official Lineup/Website/Hotel

    goodd live lineup..good luck to alll
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    Bhangra Idols Shoutouts!

    good luck to all teams..respect to TEB and SGPD
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    Groundshaker 2 Lineup

    hey whats up guys... i dance for rhythm boyz and by far as I know we did not officially register for this competition. We only told a member of Nachdi Jawani that we might be attending. Just to let all know