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    Sacramento Kings To Seattle..

    NO! NEVER!! CANNOT HAPPEN! The Kings all we have.
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    NFL Playoff Predictions

    :D :D :D
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    Lishkare Apne Punjabiyan De @ Dhol Di Awaz 13

    I really enjoy you guys. I agree with Mariam, my eyes were on the screen the whole time, there were things here and there that can be cleaned up [ill talk to you about that Akhil] Good job guys
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    *DDA XIII - Official Lineup*

    I know I am super late, but I'm still inshock DDA is in Dec, =0 But super excites to see LAPD in NorCal once again! Cheeya
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    BTF Fantasy Football

    Yay! Football is here! Count me in.
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    McNabb to Washington

    Shanahan is wicked.
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    Snow White, The Wizard of OZ ... SCARFACE?!

    lol....but these are like 3rd graders. They are chumps!
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    Snow White, The Wizard of OZ ... SCARFACE?!

    no fudgin way! why would a school do this? seriously!?
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    Would you purchase a DVD or BD copy of Elite 8 2010?

    as many bhangra comp dvds I bought they were roughly $15-20 and I think that was including shipping [but I can be wrong]
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    to all the folks from LA....helppp

    Go smoke some Hookah. Cheeya!=D
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    ahhh shyt! Welcomeback Pritpal. You started the bs now deal with it...=) terabaap- go slap yoself. You know you did.
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    sobTV @ Elite 8

    Jabar go slap yo-self...hahha
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    What's your fav Cologne?

    the orginal- Dolce and Gabbana by Dolce and Gabbana
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    LBC Elite 8

    I <3 LBC
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    NorCal Winners

    opps. I thought I saw 6. =/