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    Vardi Maintenance

    At Cornell, we did the following... Each vardi color had its own dry cleaning bag so, for example, red guy and red girls vardi would be in the same bag. Each vardi had its own hanger. For girls, we had the chunni, kurta, pajama, and vest on the hanger and for guys, we had the kurta, chaadar...
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    BB26 Results/Feedback

    I think one of the factors that may have had a role in the overall placings was that judges were reshuffled pretty close to the competition. Due to a personal emergency, one of the judges had to drop the week of Blowout, which is totally understandable. The committee was able to find a judge to...
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    Judging Bias/Rubrics

    Actually, we are doing audience voting for the match-up winners at Pao Bhangra! Last year was the first time we tried it (both the matchups concept as well as the audience polling concept) and we intend to continue it into this year. We did an online voting system, so that the win was more...
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    Review: East Coast Showdown 2019

    I'm Sonali, captain of Cornell. Just wanted to quickly say the opposite side of the story to make sure that teams don't get discouraged from applying to ECS in the future. In the 10 comps I have attended, ECS was easily one of the best competition experiences, if not the best, I've ever had and...
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    Happy Valentine's Day to Illini!!! ❤

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Just wanted to take this opportunity to share the love by thanking @IlliniBhangra for featuring us in their new logo. My team and I were extremely flattered and couldn’t thank y’all more. Hope to see you guys around sometime this semester! #sharethelove...
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    Nachdi Jawani Waris @ Bhangra in the 6ix 2018 (1st place)

    Intro was insaneee. Wish I'd seen it live.
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    April 14th...big things coming...

    I think they're releasing a big announcement on the 14th. Probably still going to be held in November!
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    Cornell Bhangra @ NKD 2018

    Here's the link to the official mix! Shoutout to Pablamix again for being dope.
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    Cornell Bhangra @ Tashan 2017!

    Hi BTF, Here is Cornell Bhangra's performance at Temple University Tashan held this past weekend. Congrats to BDS and AEG on their respective placings! My co-captains and I could not have been more proud of the progress our team and our dancers have accomplished so far and are excited to see...
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    2016-2017 Competitive Season Review

    Best Coed Team: UNC Best All Guys Team: SPD - execution is next level (FCB brought some really dope ideas and choreo though) Best All Girls Team: Not really sure - again, no one dominant team Best Canadian Team: SPD Most Improved Team: Illini. Didn't even know they existed until they placed...
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    Alamo City Bhangra [Girls] @ BBC 2016

    RED JODI WAS ON FIRE! :D AMAZING JOB GUYS. Interesting to see a 10 person set.