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    Furteelay @ Bhangra in the Burgh 2017

    One of my favourite FS performances in recent memory, def should've placed, congrats on the performance! Interesting choreo and smooth transitions as always, i think the complexity slightly hurt cleanliness overall but this looks a like young squad so kudos to you guys on how you train them up...
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    Anyone have the original mp3 ? Nachdi - Dippa Dosanjh - DJ Sanj
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    Surjit Bindrakhiya - Jogiya
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    Must Have Music/Songs on all your devices??

    YES! Love suga suga You guys might like this too
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    thanks dude :)
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    bump for this mix if anyone has it please?
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    Song help

    Track around 1:35 please
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    SGPD @ Windy City Bhangra - 1st Place

    Congrats on the set boys, very clean and well executed, excited to see SGPD make a comeback!! Jhummar intro was a nice throwback to idols :) Any ideas on the dhamaal track just after khunde?
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    Pacquiao or Mayweather?

    Head says money but heart is rooting for Pacman
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    Joshiley Jawan - Elite 8 Bhangra Invitiational 2015 Champions

    Will post a detailed review soon, loved the performance, congrats guys!! The 2012 elite set was one of my favourites too but this is right up there, for a lot of different reasons too. So awesome seeing guys whose videos i've watched for so many years just go out and enjoy themselves; it was...
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    Imperial College London - 1st Place @ The Bhangra Showdown 2015 - Official Video

    YES! :D :D :D smashed it so proud, long time coming! Shoutouts to all the AJ dancers!
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    Name of the artist? (Parranda)

    Song is Kale rang da paranda, sung by Shazia Manzoor. Haha yeah i normally try typing a few lyrics i hear into google to discover any songs I don't know the names of Im sure you can find a good quality version by typing it into google :)
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    ★★★★★ FAUJ @ Boston Bhangra Competition 2014 ★★★★★

    I'd heard amazing things since TDot and now i see why haha, from the mix to the choreo and execution, loved the set! Pardi Hundi C segment was a personal fav, felt this performance was placeworthy On a sidenote congrats on TDot!! Was awesome kicking it with you guys all weekend and especially...
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    Ankhi Jawan TBC 2014 (3rd Place) and TDot 2014 Performance

    Thanks for the comments guys :)
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    Gabru Chel Chabileh - 1st Place at The Bhangra Competition

    One of my favourite performances of the past few seasons, such a well thought-out and executed set, smashed it boys