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    -=Episode 9 of Bhangra Pulse - Gabroo TV with Harjot Singh Hundal=-

    Bhangra Pulse hits you this week with the man you all know, but never see, the man behind the cameras of Gabroo TV, Harjot Singh Hundal, to discuss GTV, YouTube, bhangra videos in general, and their impact on the North American bhangra community. Length: 46:07 Subscribe on iTunes...
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    -=Episode 8 of Bhangra Pulse - Elite 8 Bhangra with Waleed Mahmood=-

    We are back after a long hiatus involving alien abduction and a host crossing over to the dark side. On the heels of the successful Elite 8 Bhangra Invitation 2012, Bhangra Pulse interviews one of the brains behind the biggest and most hyped competition each year, Waleed Mahmood, to talk about...
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    -=Episode 7 of Bhangra Pulse - The UK Bhangra Scene with Faysal Hanif=-

    Bhangra Pulse goes transcontinental as we examine the competitive bhangra scene in the United Kingdom with special guest, Faysal Hanif, to discuss the resurgence in interest in bhangra in the UK. Length: 30:41 iTunes:
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    The Alliance is Coming!!

    I HAD THIS IDEA LIKE 5 YEARS AGO! except i called it superallgirlsteamfirstplaceatbruinbhangra
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    -=Episode 6 of Bhangra Pulse - Bhangra Empire with Omer Mirza=-

    Bhangra Empire founder Omer Mirza joins the Bhangra Pulse podcast for a discussion on his team's rise to bhangra domination, and just as importantly, its experiences outside of the bhangra community as well. Length: 34:44 iTunes:
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    uh oh

    when i used to dance bhangra with alam lohar, the world was black and white...
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    -=Episode 5 of Bhangra Pulse - Judging with Saleem Malkana=-

    With this episode, the controversial and challenging topic of judging in the North American bhangra scene is tackled. The evolution of the random sponsor to recent graduates of dancing as judges is discussed with Saleem Malkana. iTunes:
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    -=Episode 4 of Bhangra Pulse - Women in Bhangra with Jasmine Singh=-

    adding on to dheerjas response to basim, it really is hard to stop talking about a topic when you have someone so eloquent and knowledgeable about not just a certain topic, but in general. we could have gone on for hours with jasmine and on this topic as a whole, and we really just scratched the...
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    -=Episode 4 of Bhangra Pulse - Women in Bhangra with Jasmine Singh=-

    In this episode, we tackle the topic of women in bhangra, from the days of co-ed collegiate teams, to the rise of independent all-girls teams, with Jasmine Singh, perhaps the most well respected woman in the North American bhangra community. Feedback requested as usual! Major props to Jasmine...
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    navjeet sandhu <3
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    -=Episode 3 of Bhangra Pulse - Anakh Punjab Di with Danny Singh=-

    since dheerja has been deported, i will handle some of the discussion aspect on btf. thanks all for the support and downloads, it is greatly appreciated. everything you put back into us, we will try to give back to you all. basim, thank you for the constant feedback on the episodes, it really...
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    -=Episode 3 of Bhangra Pulse - Anakh Punjab Di with Danny Singh=-

    Anakh Punjab Di has risen from being a small junior team, originally known as Khalsa Junction Juniors, to standing on the shoulders of the North American bhangra scene. Their captain, Danny Singh, takes us on a ride through their rise to prominence. Again, feedback and suggestions are greatly...
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    -=Episode 2 - Bhangra Pulse - from Sulman and Dheerja - Bhangra Mixing=-

    Bhangra Pulse tackles the topic of mixing in bhangra with two of the best in the business, Iqwak from Klasikhz, and Kush from Guardians of Bhangra. The group discusses what makes a good mix, and reminisce on their favorite mixes through the years. As usual, feedback is greatly appreciated. We...
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    -=New Podcast - Bhangra Pulse - from Sulman and Dheerja - Episode 1=-

    Update on episode 2: We have a fantastic episode on tap, but just running into a bit of technical difficulties and some scheduling conflicts. We should have the episode on mixing in bhangra with Iqwak and Kush up early this coming week, and then the episode with Danny and PJ the following week...