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    Any bhangra natives in the Charlotte NC area?

    Pushpit Thohan (boss dancer and even more boss human being) is down in Charlotte and runs NCMPAA - hit him up!
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    Duniya De Rang at Buckeye Mela 2019

    you guys show bhangra and the culture a huge amount of respect by the amount of effort you put into not only practicing hard at the dance, but taking time to learn about the language and meaning behind it as a whole. I also think it is great that while doing so, you are using it as a platform to...
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    First Class Bhangra @ Bruin Bhangra 20th Anniversary

    you would have won if I danced
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    Need Saaps & Vardiyaan in the East Tennessee Area

    @Carolina Indian Arts
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    KPGD at Motor City Bhangra 2018- 3rd Place

    yeah, we were pretty disappointed that one of the first things people said when we asked them what they thought of the performance was "those ads were so distracting" - we definitely didn't plan for any projector gimmicks in this competition (though in the past I really did think of selling ad...
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    Duniya De Rang: Buckeye Mela 2018

    Immense congratulations to a very well-deserving team. Some thoughts listed below (haphazardly in no particular order, just as they come to me): The fact that you guys pulled off the formations you did with one team practice (and not having a core group of people in one place who could meet...
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    Kool Pholk Gabroos Dancing
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    AEG @ Bhangra in the Burgh (3rd Place)

    I think the fact that you guys are working hard to try and bring a new style is admirable - performance was super clean, new vardis were unique. I personally just expected more in terms of sheer entertainment value/hype, especially with Howie challenging all the teams out there publicly (which I...
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    Buckeye Mela XI Lineup Reveal!

    are you sure you put us in the right category?
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    Khirre Phul Gulab De presents Heer-Ranjha @ BBC 2017

    Kiddaan BTF! On behalf of Carolina Indian Arts and the many Phoolz of Khirre Phul Gulab De, I present you our performance from Boston Bhangra Competition 2017 - where we had the honor and joy of presenting a classic Punjabi folk tale, Heer-Ranjha. As you’ll be able to tell, this performance is...
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    Cornell Bhangra @ Tashan 2017!

    great job cornell! its obvious you guys have put in work to change your style up and train a bunch of new dancers - always a struggle for collegiate teams, especially when you are competing so soon after the academic year begins. i think your set had alot of interesting drops and pleasing...
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    Da Real Punjabiz (DRP) 2016 - 2017 Season

    you guys are always awesome to watch and know how to really impact an audience. mad props for competing so often as well, especially pulling things off like coming to Boston with 8 girls and 4 guys, etc. The fact that your team is willing to do things like that and give dancers the opportunity...
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    Save Bhangra 2k17

    I would love to see Top Naach do this - they definitely have the talent and brains behind the operation to do so
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    Save Bhangra 2k17

    I don't think by any means Bhangra Funk and BollyShake are promoting trash - it is their own interpretations of the art form, and they are still doing the community a service by making bhangra more mainstream and getting more people interested in it. If we want the masses to see more bhangra...
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    Top Naach feat. Klasikhz - DNA

    awesome to see people express the art form in creative ways - looking forward to seeing Top Naach continue to do cool shit