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    I really could not be more proud of this team. I haven't had the chance of watching the 2013-2014 team live until wbbc weekend and it really just reinforced the passion and love Cornell bhangra dancers have for bhangra. Anik, I'm so FREAKING proud of you and impressed with what you've done with...
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    Josh Valaithian Da @ Worlds Best Bhangra Crew 2014 (GTVHD)

    Both live and online - AMAZING! So glad JVD made the trek over here! Also that speech at the end about bhangra and the bhangra family.... gotta admit i teared up a bit. Definitely miss my own bhangra family. Congrats JVD! Job VERY well done! :)
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    Pao Bhangra XII UPDATE!

    so. true.
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    **UPDATED**: Full HD Rochester Bhangra at T Dot Bhangra Competition 2012

    Re: Rochester Bhangra at T Dot Bhangra Competition 2012 awesome job guys! jhummar really made me smile :) and i really liked the choreo as a whole!
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    T Dot Results

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    T-Dot 2012 Show Order

    go cornell!! <3
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    5th Avenue Bhangra [5AB] Tryouts!

    Thanks Anik! =D
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    Best/Worst Competition T-Shirts

    agreed. and they weren't even all the same color. 2 of ours were maroon like poison apples
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    lmao the "team battle" vid and "team battle 3" vid are such messes/too hilarious
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    Khirre Phul Gulab De @ Big Apple Bhangra 2012

    red guy doing backwards behtke was crazy! and ek pal ka jeena gimmick was cute haha congrats on the placing!
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    Furteelay Shokeen @ Big Apple Bhangra 3

    saap segment was fireee. also sick end segment! here and there, some of the jodis didn't make sense to me in terms of matching styles. otherwise, awesome job guys!
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    Princeton Bhangra @ Pao Bhangra XI

    You guys have progressed so much as a team in just one year. Some cool, well-executed moves/gimmicks in this set! I definitely am looking forward to what else this team is gonna bring! We loved hosting you guys at Pao and can't wait to hang out/see you guys again! :)
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    Bruin Bhangra XIV Line-Up

    as always, SICKKK lineup!