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    Dear Fellow Procrastinators: T Dot Bhangra 2013 Registration CLOSES TODAY!

    is there live category?? u better not ignore me
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    Top Dancers

    rpd: lalli shan e: kanwar and rav matharu the best jori too bad they havent danced since 2008 shan e: channi heeray: that guy nj: ricky s all these guys are for live
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    DesiFEST 2012- Toronto Bhangra All-Stars

    omg these guys are so sikk they should start competing ;D
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    How to make a music set

    What are the steps to making a good music set?
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    kohinoor folk arts club @ bhangra idol 2011

    ehnu kehndee bhangra music alaa bakwass band karoo
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    Apna Bhangra Crew @ Bhangra Idols Best of The Best 2011

    ABC u guys r fukkin sikkk keep it up
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    Nachdi Jawani @ Bhangra Idols FULL***

    too much running during the damn set not enough bhangra
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    MOST EPIC BHANGRA COMPETITION OF ALL TIME -- GGN Khalsa College vs. Sadhar Colle

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    what territory produces the best teams?

    yah but empire has only won at modern comps...where as sgpd can win at both modern and folk comps + sgpd has not competed as much as empire
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    what territory produces the best teams?

    FOLK > MODERN KJ won their trophies when Toronto Teams didn't compete in the states, im sure they would've gave KJ a hard time i dunno if empire can be compared to those teams because their style is different Toronto has produced the most folk teams while Cali has produced the most modern...
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    what territory produces the best teams?

    Toronto: GTA TEB Shan e Punjab Shan e Punjab Jrs Nachdi Jawani NJ Toddlers Jawani Warriors SGPD Nachdey Gabru Rooh Punjab Dee NSJ Rhythm...
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    apparently rooh and beat dropped out