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    Seattle Folk Bhangra Academy tech time @ big apple

    Seattle was sick . loved u guys . for a 8 man. and grls were clean, energetic , etc etc lol good job guys and awesome job by Jason :)
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    Shaq is going WHERE?

    shaq is old now. he aint gonna do shit. why would they need him when they have garnett doing most of the rebounds. and knowing that shaq wont give u more than 8 to 10 points. thats why they signed him. hope they didnt give alot of money to that fat clown cross eyes fool
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    amx album???

    dude just go to google > and search it. i already downloaded it. sickk albummm .
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    i cant wait to see jabar jung aka pappi gill lol
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    the next ying yang twins lol for sure.
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    Raghav's performance @ desiFEST 2010 ;)

    u did a whole 7 mins of dancing. i bet u were tired lol raghav >>> raghavvv. scremaing fans lol hahhaa u won 1st place lmao. ur getting better dude. just keep practicing and make ur back striahgter when doing any moves except jugni
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    ULTIMATE Jhoomer Song

    deff can used this as a jhommer song.
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    Cornell Bhangra @ Bhangra Blowout 17

    my baby arjun mest up a lil bit. but its all good. i was like noooooo lmao when i saw it. but cornell. u guys did a great job . should of placed 3rd atleast
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    Apna Bhangra Crew @ Warrior Bhangra 2010 (GTVHD)

    please post the mix. hottt mixxx
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    Duniya Allstars @ Elite 8 Bhangra Invitational 2010 (GTVHD)

    i really like DA's performance. especailly when raju was playhing the dhol and singing at the same time. preaty hyped dance.
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    Bhangra Performance ;)

    jhoomer set was sex... lol getting better R, get on a team asap ;)
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    Kabeezy The Comedian!! Check this out it is hillllarious lol

    that was madd funny actually. madd original. not like russell peters. who sucks ballz now
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    M.V.P. (NorCal & Rangla Mix)

    Klasikhs is the best man. Such a sickkk mix maker. perfect man. such an ill fu****** mix< all his mixes he made. He gave 100% of making them. and a cool guy
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    Putt Jattan De Go Hard (2 NyCe) <-- check this shit out

    another corny joke. HEs 2nyce hahahahhaha