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    Bhangra's Most Wanted (BMW) @ Bruin Bhangra 2009-GTV

    PM me i have the mix but its too large to attach. Talk about throwback
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    Bhangra in the Heights 10 - February 18th, 2017

    hoooly shyt i remember when this went down for the first time. congrats on keeping the event alive and strong.
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    GOT Bhangra Predictions

    1. Jon Snow 2. Daenerys Targaryen 3. Tyrion Lannister
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    Cal Bhangra @ Bruin Bhangra 2016

    Only watched bruin vid- super clean and refreshing choreo, wasn't overdone or over hyped, great seeing a team all on the same page. Big pimpin remix was too sick and gave me that mix!
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    Jhumar - A rant

    Baha. I love when ppl try to one up Gibb on this site, it's just not possible and ends up being humorous. Bhangrafanatic, I encourage you to go through Gabbah Shareef's post history and realize that he knows more about these folk dances than anyone in N.A. no matter where u were raised or who...
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    Favorite Live Bhangra Sets

    ! No longer available
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    Bhangra Draft 2015

    The main reason this isn't very relevant any more has to do with the evolution of judging. In the mid to late 2000's, it was always clear who was a captain or choreographer of a given team, as they were usually the "best" dancer on stage and could easily be spotted. Back then teams were not as...
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    Bhangra Draft 2015

    Anil Prasad
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    [VIDEO & MIX RELEASE] CMU Bhangra @ Bhangra Blowout 2015 **Third Place**

    Re: [VIDEO RELEASE] CMU Bhangra @ Bhangra Blowout 2015 **Third Place** fantastic set/dancing - straight bhangra. beautiful jhummer - so many teams half ass their's now. got mad nostalgic from the transition in your mix after khundey that had the intro to punjabi mc's mirza lol.
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    Star Wars Vs. Tigerstyle Maan Doabe De (Used by VCU back in the day!) 7:45. One of the greatest/most influential co-ed sets to grace a stage
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    Bhangra Blowout XXII Official Mixtape

    This is sooo nasty. Ridiculous creativity.
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    Windy City Bhangra (Chicago, Illinois) - Sat. May 02, 2015

    lol at 1500. the westin grand ballroom is meant for 5-600 people max
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    North American All Live Competition - Proposal

    Throw in Kohinoor and Tag/Sgpd and this would be the competition of the century.
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    Joshiley Jawan - Elite 8 Bhangra Invitiational 2015 Champions

    holy hype. as soon as i heard the ending sequence of the mix i immediately thought of toronto. then i read the thread and it made sense. killed the opening saap segment, and jugni drop was so nasty. the set overall looked messier compared to bell, but makes sense since that set was much slower...