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    Diced Pineapples Remake + hook

    pretty sick man!
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    proDiJy - Kaun Nee Jaandah/Hey Daddy Mashup

    I don't think it's bad, but thing is, i've heard something hella similar by Genuine Soundz. It was kaun ne jandah mixed with the hey daddy instrumental but i heard it like yearss back. regardless, i agree with one thing fsho, the best stuff does come by trying random stuff
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    *** MASTER LIST- List of DJs to hire for mixes ***

    Vinit Parikh (DJ VP) Hit me up on facebook or email at My soundcloud link is below. Check out the MV 2012 and mast jawani ghg 2012 mixes mainly (there are other things on there too..) I just posted my most recent mix on btf also, it's not on my soundcloud, the link is...
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    MV Bhangra 2013 Mix (High School) and Mast Jawani GHG Mix 2012

    Hey, just posting a few mixes I made. These are probably the 4th and 5th bhangra mixes I've made. I took a new approach to the MV one and made it pretty modern because it's for a high school crowd and the team doesn't compete anywhere anyway. The other one was for a team for the GHG junior...
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    Monta Vista Bhangra Mix 2012

    Feedback please
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    Monta Vista Bhangra Mix 2012

    Just posting my mix for the first time on BTF. Our background: we're just a high school team from the Bay Area trying to get better, but known to be the best high school based team in our area.