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  1. mithu


    Got some concerns: I am hoping that BTF usernames are not being used..... I dont see the point in having to register under your DJ/Mixer/etc name if mods just going to use BTF usernames There are also mixer that joined under false name (Its obvious who some are and there are some that arent)...
  2. mithu

    Lal Meri - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan | SSK Prod

    Tried some new methods for this mix Original Lal Meri Pitched up and percussion/bass removed (what was used in mix) Enjoy
  3. mithu

    Maa Booli - Jazzy B - Dirty Acapella

    Here is the dirty Acapella for Jazzy B's Maa Booli It's done through RX 7 Audio Editor. If you can get your hands on it, its extremely to get instrumentals and acapellas through it. (Just google it). Original: RX 7: Google is your friend ;)