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  1. hskalirai1

    Ankhile WBBC Mix - Official

    Here it is guys, 5 years later 😅 Share, like and have fun experimenting with choreo !!! tag us with choreography on insta @ankhile_bhangra @ankhile_girls Shoutout to our rival match up who brought out the best in us - Cornell!! Harnz
  2. hskalirai1

    Ankhile Putt Punjab De - TBC 2016 Performance

    Hi All, Here is our performance from TBC 2016 this past weekend. Unfortunately we never placed at this competition, but we all enjoyed the experience and the journey itself. A well organised competition and a shoutout to all the competing teams. Congrats to the winners Ankhi Jawan - A well...
  3. hskalirai1

    Ankhile Coed at TBC 2014 and WBBC 2015 (Matchup winners / 3rd Place)

    Hi guys, here are our videos from TBC 14 and WBBC 15. The whole team are grateful to share such stage with great talent. We thank the commitees from both comps for allowing us to stage our talent. In addition, we thank all the teams for being great sport including our wbbc matchup rivals at...
  4. hskalirai1

    Ankhile Co-ed at The Bhangra Competition 2014

    Ankhile at TBC 2014 (The Bhangra Competition) Didnt place unfortunately but was hoping to get some feedback from you all for improvements! Hope you guys enjoy it :) Harnaik
  5. hskalirai1

    Ankhile on Sky One's Got to Dance

    Ankhile | Audition | Got To Dance 2014
  6. hskalirai1

    Official UoL / DMU Leicester Mix - Capital Bhangra 2014 enjoy :)
  7. hskalirai1

    Official Ankhile Putt Punjab De Bhangra Wars 2013 Mix

    Hey, Heres our mix from bhangra wars 2013. enjoy :)
  8. hskalirai1

    Ankhile Girls @ Bhangra Wars 2013 (Video and Mix)

    Hey Guys, For those who dont know me - my names Harnaik. Myself and the team have help set up a girls team here in the UK by the name of 'Ankhile Girls'. This was Ankhile Girls first competing performance at bhangra wars... unfortunately, they never won against their rival team Asian Street...
  9. hskalirai1

    ... All the way from the UK

    Just dropping a quick message to thank all the teams (inc. NSM2, Panj, Shaan e, B.Republik) and the organizers at VIBC. We were part of the performing act alongside Tigerstyle. It was the first time that me and my team member performed in Vancouver and the amount of love we received was...