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  1. mithu


    Got some concerns: I am hoping that BTF usernames are not being used..... I dont see the point in having to register under your DJ/Mixer/etc name if mods just going to use BTF usernames There are also mixer that joined under false name (Its obvious who some are and there are some that arent)...
  2. mithu

    Lal Meri - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan | SSK Prod

    Tried some new methods for this mix Original Lal Meri Pitched up and percussion/bass removed (what was used in mix) Enjoy
  3. mithu

    Maa Booli - Jazzy B - Dirty Acapella

    Here is the dirty Acapella for Jazzy B's Maa Booli It's done through RX 7 Audio Editor. If you can get your hands on it, its extremely to get instrumentals and acapellas through it. (Just google it). Original: RX 7: Google is your friend ;)
  4. mithu

    Vendor Feedback

    I'm assuming HSA is telling client to post comments on this post to promote business
  5. mithu

    Requirements for forums

    Why is there no time limit set for new accounts before they post? Have the admins not learned from the past few years? There be a couple days - week after creating account before posting. Seriously....90% of BTF this past couple months has been trolls and crap posts.
  6. mithu

    Weekly Mixing/Producing Tips [Videos]

    I'm going to start post stuff weekly (well I hope weekly) to help out mixers and producers. Specially stuff that has helped in since day 1. When I first started out mixing, I reached out to tons of mixers and producers when I started out to help me. One of the best advice I got was: If I can...
  7. mithu

    "What happened to bhangra?"

    Delete this thread. People here arent mature enough to have a proper discussion anymore.
  8. mithu

    End of this year's ladder

    Most people guess it, the ladder had died out. The original plan was to have it run till New Years, but the mods got busy with school, bhangra, etc etc and I've also noticed that most mixers stopped replying and submitting mixes. For the winners, please PM me here to get access to the...
  9. mithu

    Other Mixes Week 5

    Winner: KsM -
  10. mithu

    DSJ vs DJ Chet [Song: Rick Astley - Keep Singing]

    Sorry for delay! DJ 1 - Dj 2 -
  11. mithu

    YGR Ent vs HS [Song: Kozah - Unleash (feat. Otherside)]

    Sorry for the delay!! DJ 1- DJ 2-
  12. mithu

    CM Ent vs Double A [Song: DJ Sona Concussive (Bassnectar x Renholder)

    Sorry for delay. DJ 1- DJ 2-
  13. mithu

    Match ups will be posted soon.

    Sorry for the delay. All of us, the mods, have been extremely busy. But match up will be posted.
  14. mithu

    Patake - Sunanda Sharma[SSK Remix] Feedback always appreciated! Enjoy.
  15. mithu

    Week 5 call out thread

    Here it is! Sorry for the late post. Winner of week 4: DJ Preet MKG KSM ICM Ent Double A DJ Nitrone Teg Hans DJ Baaj DJ Avy DJ HSK DSJ DJ Chet New Ranking: 1. SSK 2. KSM 3. DJ Preet 4. DJ Real Deol 5. RsK 6. Teg Hans 7. DJ Nitrone 8. DJ Tej 9. Double A 10. HS 11. ICM ENT 11. HsK 11. YGR ENT...
  16. mithu

    Other Mixes

    Here are the mixes of the DJ's who's opponent dropped out. MKG vs HsD (HsD did not submit) XI Music vs ICM Ent (XI Music did not submit) DJ Nitrone vs DJ Tej (DJ Tej did not...
  17. mithu

    DJ Preet vs Real Deol Week 4

    Song: Gallan Sachiyan by Feroz Khan Songs are available for download in the match up thread. DJ 1 - DJ 2 - Voting ends Saturday 11:59pm EST! Good luck to both Djs.
  18. mithu

    YGR Ent vs Double A Week 4

    Songs were removed from SC, will upload to another host soon. Here's YGR Ent vs Double A. Voting ends Saturday 11:59pm EST! Good luck to both Djs. Files are attached. Songs: Rabba Kehdi Gal Di Saza by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Songs are available for download in the match up thread.
  19. mithu

    RsK vs KsM Week 4

    DJ 1- DJ 2 - Voting ends Saturday 11:59pm EST! Good luck to both Djs. Song: Pardesi by Harjit Harman Songs are available for download in the match up thread.
  20. mithu

    Week 4 Match Ups

    Match Ups this week: 4. DJ Preet vs 3.DJ Real Deol [Song: Feroz Khan - Gallan Sachiyan] 15. MKG vs 14. HsD [Song: Chann Warga - Desi Routz] 5. RsK vs 2. KSM [Song: Pardesi - Harjit Harman] 14. XI Music vs 11. ICM Ent [Song: Ishq - Diljit] 11. YGR ENT vs 9. Double A [Song: Rabba Kehdi Gal...