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  1. KDave


    West Side is the BEST Side!! These girls are about to RIP it upppp... Shout out to my girls from AMPD- Samreen and Sukhman <3 Good luck WSA!
  2. KDave

    Allarh Mutiyaaran Punjab Diyan @ Warrior Bhangra 2012 (GTV HD)

    We appreciate the video Harjot! :)
  3. KDave

    VPD 2012 Updated Lineup!

    Goooooood luck ESA! Ripp it Mariam! :)
  4. KDave

    Allarh Mutiyaaran Punjab Diyan (AMPD) @ Raunak Punjabi Virsey Di 2012 (GTVHD)

    I believe when we chose our last years and this year fits we actually didn't think much about wearing chaadres... we were used to the idea that salwar is more common to wear for us. But now we are thinking about chaadres as well because personally I have heard it feels better and looks better...
  5. KDave

    should girls be allowed to do live.?

    I also agree that committee members should choose judges who are not sexists, however, alot of the judges out here, in CA are older. I believe we should choose judges of our own age who know just as much or even more about bhangra and who understand our generation of the bhangra circuit. That...
  6. KDave

    should girls be allowed to do live.?

    We won't be able to change those judges minds right away.... but the more comps we do and the more we are recognized, hopefully the judges will realize that time has changed and they will have to get used to girls doing bhangra to music or live. It isnt just live bhangra that judges dont want to...
  7. KDave

    should girls be allowed to do live.?

    EXACTLYY. Thank u
  8. KDave

    should girls be allowed to do live.?

    As a girl who does live bhangra and started out competing with AMPD (all girls live team), we have always faced judges at every comp in California who has some sexist point of view. And when one of the judges told us at Nachda Punjab 2010 that girls should not be doing live bhangra or bhangra at...
  9. KDave

    Allarh Mutiyaaran Punjab Diyan (AMPD) @ Raunak Punjabi Virsey Di 2012 (GTVHD)

    Thank you for the support and video Harjot.. .we really appreciate it! :)
  10. KDave

    RPVD 2011 placings

    This weekend was amazing... prolly the best committee I have experienced at a comp so far! Thanks to the AVA girls, Juggie Hundal and the rest of the committee for their help, driving us everywhere, and support! They made our first Canada competition very memorable. Congrats to all the placing...
  11. KDave

    Raunak Punjabi Virsey Di - Lineup

    Updated lineup?
  12. KDave

    Raunak Punjabi Virsey Di - Lineup

    We are going now sam sammm :)
  13. KDave

    Raunak Punjabi Virsey Di - Lineup

    Sickkk can't Wait!!
  14. KDave

    Official Dhol Di Awaz Lineup

    Sick line up in both categories... Can't wait!
  15. KDave

    Documentary "Shaan Mutiyaaran Di Bhangra Club: The Pride of Women"

    Sickk! This is an incredible video and I enjoyed every minute of it. This is also an inspiration towards the community especially to all the young women out there doing bhangra. This video really caught my attention because I can relate to this team. AMPD has also struggled being an all live...
  16. KDave

    Virse De Waris at Giant Bhangra 5 (2011) [balcony view]

    VDUBERSSSSSS! U guys need to perform soon ;)
  17. KDave

    DDA XIV Registration Packet is Officially Up

    2 Categories this year! Sick cant wait :)
  18. KDave

    Allarh Mutiyaraan Punjab Diyan (AMPD) at Bulldog Bhangra 2011

    Our captain Jagdeep Braich( who is one of the girls in the red Jodi) made the set also with input from teammates:).
  19. KDave


    I definitely agree Jagdeeeeep!
  20. KDave

    Apna Virsa Bhangra Group @ Bulldog Bhangra 2011 (GTVHD)

    I loved watching these guys at tech and backstage during the show...definitely place worthy! Great job :)