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  1. KDave

    Allarh Mutiyaaran Punjab Diyaan (AMPD) Looking for an Algozey Player!

    Hey everyone! I am on the team Allarh Mutiyaaran Punjab Diyaan ( AMPD ). Currently we are in need of an Algozey player and are looking for someone to perform with us at the Bulldog Bhangra Competition on October 1st in Fresno, CA. If there are any Algozey players from Northern California who are...
  2. KDave

    Tor Punjaban Di 2011 Placings

    Third place: Raunak Trinjana Di (Bay Area) Second place: Majajan Muteyarran Da Giddha (Washington, DC) First place: Giddhe Diyan Raniya (Bay Area, CA) Congratulations to the winning teams!