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    Week 3: Bracket A - Matchup 2 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 1 after a while the dhad got repetitive but definitely had an engaging/danceable structure. Vocals were really soft. DJ 2 loved intro and the last slow down drop but for me missing a hard hitting snare to carry in the verse. my vote DJ 2
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    Week 3: Bracket A - Matchup 4 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 1 : Loved the creativity with the drums, thought this could be made for a really unique saap segment DJ 2: A little harsh with the mid/high end of the percussion, but like others have said, more traditional structure. My vote DJ 1
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    Week 3: Bracket A - Matchup 3 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 2 filled my headphones better but I would prefer DJ 1's mix if I needed a mix for a saap segment my vote dj 1
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    Week 3: Bracket B - Matchup 2 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 1: I really liked the change in the feel of the segment at the drop at :34. For me, the intro was a bit drawn out compared to length of the rest of the mix and overall fell short of the energy i expect from a saap segment. DJ 2: Loved the intro. Very danceable segment, like it came straight...
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    Week 3: Bracket B - Matchup 3 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 2: Sounded like it could have been really cool but could have used more variations or additional sounds to make it pop DJ 3: The slowdown at :45 and the last part of the mix was fire. The drop at the end fell a little short maybe you could have sunk the vocals into the mix a little more but...
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    Week 3: Bracket B - Matchup 4 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 1: I enjoyed when the bass and the dhol hit, but for me the rest of the mix was a little too straight forward ie the drop didn't add to the energy. As others have said, the change of song wasn't well executed. Panned hi hats were nice DJ 2: For the number of different songs you used it...
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    Week 3: Bracket B - Matchup 5 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 1 : Damn that was fire I really did not expect a mix like that after hearing the original. Echo what kman said about the mid range but it was fire otherwise DJ 2: The instrumental you had at the beginning sounded like it could have led to a really cool mix but for me the bass you used...
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    Week 2: Bracket B - Matchup 12 (Voting Closed)

    Dj 1 Dj1: Pretty basic and solid mix but as mixmann said the stutter felt like a last ditch attempt to spice it up, i thought my computer was tweaking Dj2: Could have been really good but too much going on at the drop.
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    Week 2: Bracket B - Matchup 10 (Voting Closed)

    DJ1 Dj1: Concept was probably my favorite of the ladder so far but the drums and percussion needed a ton of work and sounded really abrupt when they transitioned Dj2: really good mix not too much to say but i just liked DJ1's idea so much.
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    Week 2: Bracket B - Matchup 9 (Voting Closed)

    Dj 1 Dj1: Super cool idea and I loved the intro. Wished the vocals on the drop would have been boosted a little they kinda faded out at points Dj2: Not enough changed or added from the original
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    Week 2: Bracket A - Matchup 8 (Voting Closed)

    Really tough one but DJ 2 DJ1: percussion was really dope. Wished the drop at :54 offered something more, and i thought the white noise there was overpowering DJ2: Loved the tera hone laga hoon transition. It sounded like your bass was sidechained to the kick so it ducked after every hit, that...
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    Week 2: Bracket B - Matchup 13 (Voting Closed)

    Dj 1 Dj1: Enjoyed the khair mangdi breaks and the production was clean but could def hear some dissonance at times. Dj2: Sample at the beginning went really well with the song and the build up was dope. Thought it was a little overcrowded at times though and the vocal processing wasn't as clean...
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    Week 2: Bracket B - Matchup 2 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 2 Dj1: The drums you added were cool but overall not enough was changed from the original. Bass line was off, didn't follow the melody of harmonics well, and sounded out of place Dj2: Stereoscape was very well filled out without being too overwhelming, and the instrumental breaks made it...
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    Week 2: Bracket B - Matchup 1 (Voting Closed)

    DJ 2 Dj1: good clean mix but lacked imagination. Dj2 : More interesting arrangement and ideas. Thought the vocals were mixed a little better but the snare felt harsh and out of place, maybe could have used a different one
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    Week 2: Bracket B - Matchup 15 (Voting Closed)

    Dj 1 Dj1: Interesting intro, mix sounded pleasantly different than the initial song, and you did a good job creating a vibe Dj2: Dope drums but for me bass was too overpowering to understand anything else really.