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    Back after longer than I realized

    Randomly decided to log in because I knew it had been quite a while. Apparently it's been like 5 years. So.... Hi. :)
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    Looking to jam/collab

    Hey folks! I'm based in NJ and sing. Looking for other singers and/or musicians in NJ/NYC to talk music, jam with, create with, etc. I currently have a band with a couple of friends called Pasadeo. If you'd like to get an idea of what I sound like, please feel free to check out our...
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    Looking for LA-based bhangra choreographer for theater production

    Hey gang: I have someone looking for a choreographer well-versed in Bhangra for a theater production that will be running this summer in LA. They have started interviewing, so if you or someone you know is available, qualified, and interested, please contact me asap. Need to be skilled at...
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    Latest Ep of Good Cha Podcast with guest Sikh Knowledge!

    Hey folks: Wanted to post the link to the latest episode of my podcast, featuring guest, Sikh Knowledge. Please check it out and let me know what you think! You can also find me on iTunes and on Stitcher. :)
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    The Good Cha Podcast - Sharing my pet project

    BTF Fam: I haven't posted in a long time but keep up with the forum quite a bit. I thought this was a great place to share my pet project - The Good Cha Podcast! A little about me: I'm an entertainment attorney, an amateur singer, a music lover, bhangra and gidha...
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    Boli request - Kaljug aya budhee gidheyan'ch nachdi

    Ok even though my last request was a fail, I'm trying again - does anyone have the boli "Kaljug aya budhee gidheyaan'ch nachdi" sung by a woman? Any recording, new or old, is fine as long as you can hear the lyrics. Please share if you have it :) Thank you!
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    Gidha Pao Kurhiyo

    Does anyone have Gidha Pao Kurhiyo on mp3? It's on youtube in pieces, but if someone has the full length tracks, that's what I'm looking for. Ideally all 3 volumes, but I'll take volume 1 if that's all you've got. :) Thank you for your help!
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    Track request - Gidha Pao Kurhiyo

    Anyone have gidha pao kuriyo on mp3? I have it but on video and tapes and I just need a snippet of it. Please share asap if you have it. Thank you!
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    One more try - old school Roach Killa

    Does anyone have the Roach Killa album from the 90's? The one with the meat samosa skit? Please share if you do - I've been looking forever. Thank you!
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    Anyone have the new Usher album?
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    JK Music Video Shoot Has Been Rescheduled - Looking for Extras

    We're looking for non-union extras for JK's music video shoot this Saturday, May 22 in NYC. If interested and available, please e-mail asap with your name, contact info, age and a picture/headshot.
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    Odd Request

    So there's this old school album with a skit track about a roach in a meat samosa. If someone can find that for me it'll be +100 karma points. "Daddy... there's something crunchy in my samosa..."
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    JK's Video Shoot on April 24th Postponed

    Dear All: We have some unfortunate news. Due to the volcanic ash causing air travel out of Europe to nearly come to a halt, JK is unable to leave England at this time. This leaves us unable to shoot his music video on April 24th. Please know that we are not canceling the video, but are only...
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    JK's Video Shoot on April 24th - Still need dancers and extras

    Hey BTF'ers! We are still looking for non-union dancers and extras for JK's (a new VIP Records' artist) video shoot on April 24. You must be available the entire day. -EXTRAS: We need more extras of ALL races/ethnicities (between ages 18-30). -BHANGRA/GIDHA TEAM: Need an already formed team...
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    Casting for a Bhangra Music Video - VIP Records Casting actors, dancers and models (all non-union) for a bhangra music video starring a VIP Records' artist (from the UK) to be shot in NYC. Shoot will be one full day on April 24 - you must be available the entire day. We need to fill the...
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    If you can get this for me....

    Anyone have the track "Manji" by Bhota Jagpal? Pavey jadon raat meri manji cheekaan maardi.... 100 points for whoever can.
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    Random Request

    Does anyone have a karaoke/instrumental track for "Jab koi baat bigarh jaye" from the movie Jurm? I'd really appreciate it!!
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    Sukhshinder shinda - song request

    Anyone have that Sukhshinder Shinda song "soniya tu nahi jandi punjabiyan nu"?
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    Song Request - Gurdas Mann

    Hey folks: For some reason I can't find "Ishq da gidha" by Gurdas Mann. I know I used to have the mp3, but for some reason I can't find it on my comp. Does anyone have it? Thank you for your help!
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    Need Bhangra or Gidha group for evening of Sept. 9 in NYC

    Any folks available? There's an event in NYC and they need a gidha or bhangra group. It doesn't have to be a full-on competition ready set, but at least a clean and professional looking one. Even if you don't have your official team available, if you can get at least 6 people together and can...