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    Training Exercise Ideas?

    I know drilling's not the sexiest part of practice, but try to help them see how it directly affects/improves their dancing. It can't just be drilling, or you'll never get to understanding the "why" behind what looks good, like Sid was talking about. But it also can't just be new/fun routines...
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    *Mixing Ladder Season 4 Week 3 Info & Callout Thread*

    ns_moose (25) challenges dj chet (23)
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    How do you rationalize to yourself and others the amount of time you spend on Bhangra?

    Your parents want what's best for you, they want you to be successful, but that's wrapped up in wanting you to be happy. That's ultimately what I had to tell my parents, something to the effect of "You want me to be happy, this makes me happy, I will be unhappy if I have to stop." Just keep your...
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    Help with some sound effects

    The song at 2:56 is Dynamite, Ammy Virk. For finding songs, plugging what you can glean from the lyrics into google is your best bet. Even if you don't speak Punjabi, as you listen to more mixes/songs, you'll get better at recognizing words and certain singer's voices, etc. At 0:46, that's not...
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    *Mixing Ladder Season 4 Week 1 Info & Callout Thread*

    Accepted (assuming the challenge down is intentional)
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    Columbia @ BBC 2017 Mix

    What's up everyone, here's Columbia's mix from Boston Bhangra Competition this year! Feel free to drop any comments:
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    Twin Cities Bhangra 2017-18 Mix

    EQ etc. aside, I personally enjoy mixes that take Punjabi songs and really try to change their sound up. You've mostly added different drum tracks to make the songs more hype/danceable, but that's not necessarily interesting. Even if you're not sure about adding individual instrument tracks...
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    Bhangra in the Burgh Predictions!

    1. Furteelay 2. NJ/FCB 3. FCB/NSG
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    Sherniyan Di Sarkari @ Tashan 2017

    - It looks like a lot of the girls don't really know how to play shikke properly in double time. I would say only 4 of you are really getting proper extensions and playing the clicks on time at 2:38, whereas everyone else is either not opening up the sapp enough, fumbling with the angles of the...
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    West Coast Bhangra @ Harbour City Bhangra 2017

    This was really fun to watch, especially because it's obvious how much you're all enjoying yourselves on stage. Highlights for me were the khunde handoff, first jhummar segment (second was too fast for my taste), and when you guys picked it up at 7:20. That second wind was apparent and you guys...
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    Bhangra in the Heights 10 - February 18th, 2017

    Thank you so much to everyone who has posted feedback from their experiences at the show last weekend (definitely reach out if you have more). We're glad to see people enjoyed themselves! It's also great to see that that those of you who took part in the showcase at some point in the last 10...
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    Big 10 Bhangra - Predictions

    1. SPD 2. FCB 3. UNC
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    Bhangra Team Apparel

    We've used Double O a couple times too, never had a problem
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    UNC Bhangra Elite @ BIBX [Third Place]

    Re: UNC Bhangra Elite @ BIBX So glad you guys released this video - they had us backstage during your performance so I didn't get to see it live, but we could hear everyone going nuts, so was definitely waiting to see what you guys brought. I thought the formations were really well done...
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    Buckeye Bhangra @ Blowout 23

    Watching you guys go from Burgh (which had serious shortcomings but was a hell of a debut for the year) to Nashville made it a little uncertain I think whether the show you guys put on at burgh was a one-off, but it seems like you made some good changes and picked it up for Blowout. I liked the...
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    Nypd elite 8 song

    I think this has what you're looking for!/msg210246/#msg210246
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    Yale Jashan Bhangra @ TOI 2016 -3rd Place

    Congratulations, glad to see your work this year pay off! I like some of the changes you guys have made since the last time I saw this set. Just some comments: The energy that other people have already mentioned was definitely a plus, with the exception of a couple dancers who clearly dropped...
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    Song Help!!

    Inch - Zora Randhawa Thokda Reha - Ninja 22 Da - Zora Randhawa