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  1. mafzal

    Looking for opportunities to judge?

    If you're a new judge and are looking for opportunities to gain experience, please send me your resume. I often get asked for recommendations and would love to get to know some new talent! Thank you!
  2. mafzal

    Legacy of Bhangra 2016 Placings

    I didn't see this posted so thought I'd share- 1st - Bulldog Bhangra (Fresno, CA) 2nd - Norcal Naujawan (Bay Area, CA) 2nd [Tie] - Cal Bhangra (Berkeley, CA) (There was no 3rd place prize) Congrats to all the teams! There were some great performances in addition to the winners :)
  3. mafzal

    Judging FAQs - What are the questions you ask or hear in every judges meeting?

    What are the Top 5 judging-related questions you always ask, or hear being asked, before a competition? I'm thinking about the pre-competition captain's meeting with judges, but these could be questions asked at any time. My goal with this is to help get these FAQs answered before they're even...
  4. mafzal

    Help: Slow Pace Bhangra Songs (for Teaching Newbies)

    Hi! I'm trying to make a playlist of slow paced songs, still at a bhangra tempo, that are catchy and good for newbies to practice on. Suggestions?
  5. mafzal

    Acid Music Studio 10 vs. Acid pro 7

    Anyone familiar with "Acid Music Studio 10"? Apparently it is the consumer version of Acid Pro. Would the ability to make mixes be affected by purchasing this Music Studio instead of Pro? The Studio program is half the price...
  6. mafzal

    Don't sacrifice having fun for being perfectly clean.

    Don't sacrifice having fun for being perfectly clean.
  7. mafzal

    How to Score More Funding for Your Competition

    Let's share our experiences, tips, and advice to help make sure competitions get the funding they need to put on a great show. I'm thinking as I go along here, but I used to serve on a sponsorship committee at a bank where I reviewed funding requests from all types of organizations and event...
  8. mafzal

    Bhangra Blitz - Videos Available (Judges View)

    Great job to all the teams at Blitz! My sister recorded the following videos: Buckeye, UIUC, Hurricane, Nishani Reply or message me if you want them
  9. mafzal

    Barren West Coast Scene - What can we do?

    When I moved to California last year, I thought i'd be in bhangra heaven. While I luckily got to enjoy a few comps, it's very sad to see how many have died and it's definitely bringing down the whole scene. I was at local bay area teams' practice this weekend and they were struggling to find...
  10. mafzal

    Top 5 Critiques I Do Not Want to Repeat in 2015

    Happy New Year! Top 5 Critiques I Do Not Want to Repeat in 2015 :) # 5. If you’re going to use katos, actually use them. They should be played (tug the string on beat and make the mouth/tail move), moved around while you dance, and made eye contact with. # 4. Use your modhey (bounce your...
  11. mafzal

    Chunni Tutorial Videos

    Hi all, Here are two chunni videos (slightly different). Hope this helps some teams prepping for the upcoming season Bhangra Chunni Tutorial How to Pin a Bhangra Chunni - by ASD -mariam
  12. mafzal

    Making Travel Buddies

    I was thinking about this for WBBC specifically but we could expand it for every comp- Can we setup something on BTF to help people find travel buddies for travelling into/out of comps? i.e. I'm flying outta JFK for WBBC and it'd be great to see if there are other people also travelling out...
  13. mafzal

    Tax season! Get your tax return done by a fellow bhangrahead slash Tax Pro

    For the past 2 years I've gotten my tax returns done by Akhil Chandan, a friend from the bhangra circuit who is a seasoned tax pro and Enrolled Agent! He has done an AWESOME job getting me the max refund possible, and is always able to answer all my crazy questions. I'm really happy he's set...
  14. mafzal

    Shit Desi Dance Teams Say - Video

    Lol this is pretty good: Sh*T South Asian Dance Teams Say [BOB]
  15. mafzal

    Tweet for a Bhangra episode of MTV TRUE LIFE!

    I know this has been brought up before, but I was watching MTV's True Life the other night and kept thinking that a Bhangra episode would be soo cool! True Life: I'm On a Competitive Bhangra Team I did a few google searches and found a really easy way to get the idea to MTV...
  16. mafzal

    MICKEY SINGH - Mick's Tape - Full Download

    You guys might remember an old track that was used in a few mixes called Sanu Luteya, by Mickey Singh feat Karan Dholi. Well he just released an album called "Mick's Tape" and it's REALLY GOOD. It features PropheC, Amar Sandhu, and more... The full download is here:
  17. mafzal

    Pom Pon

    I was watching college Pom Pon and thought it could make for some interesting discussion. First of all, isn't it crazy how simple these routines seem compared to a bhangra set? And short! Yet these teams probably practice 5x as much as we do... Anyway, more importantly, I also pulled up a...
  18. mafzal

    Aman Sandhu live sets

    Has Aman Sandhu sang boliyan for any live bhangra performances besides PPA @ Masti, and SGPD @ PFDF?? I reallllyyyy like his voice and wanted to know if there;s any other audio i can rip... :)
  19. mafzal

    Chunni Tutorial Video (with vest)

    Hope this may be useful: How to Pin a Bhangra Chunni - by ASD To save time, you could also do this in advance, like pin it to the vest and all. then just unpin the chunni from the hair and take off the vest which now has the chunni attached. then when u need to perform all you have to do...
  20. mafzal

    Request at sin city: Please record ASD

    Anyone in audience at sin city please record ASD anakh sherniyan di at sin city tomorrow please b/c we are frm outta town and have no one extra available to record our performance! And/or ask your friends to please...! Thanks in advance :)