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  1. Jackie

    Raat di Gedi jhummar

    hello Jackie Thind superfan, I know your videography hasn't taken off yet but here is your request:
  2. Jackie

    *** MASTER LIST- List of DJs to hire for mixes ***

    Jackie Thind. I have been making mixes since sophomore year of high school. I have a strong understanding of lyrical meaning, mix and set flow, and transitions. Teams I have mixed for: Bhangra Empire (Boston 2009 - 2nd place set, Elite 8 2010, Boston 2010 - 1st place set, Elite 8 2011, Jashan...
  3. Jackie

    Empire at Boston 2015 - Please do not post video

    On the behalf of Bhangra Empire, I would like to thank Boston committee for yet another amazing weekend in Boston! We had a great time seeing all the other teams perform and would like to congratulate the placings teams for putting on a great show! We would also like to ask everyone to hold off...
  4. Jackie

    DRP BRUIN 2015 MIX!

    Here is our mix from Bruin! Hope ya'll enjoy it :)
  5. Jackie

    [VIDEO RELEASE] DRP @ Bruin 2015 **Third Place**

    Hey BTF! Here is our performance from Bruin 2015! It was a really fun and unconventional DRP season for us! We wanted to try some new creative ideas and push ourselves to greater heights. This set, almost 6 months in the making, incorporated judging critiques from both CSUN and Blowout. From...
  6. Jackie

    DRP Lion Bruin 2015 Intro Video!

    Thanks Basim, glad you liked it! The video was edited and put together by me :) I love making these videos more than making mixes lol
  7. Jackie

    DRP Lion Bruin 2015 Intro Video!

    Hey Everyone! We are releasing our Intro Video from this season early since Bruin is not requiring teams to have one! If you like Bhangra and if you like Game of Thrones, we GoT just the video for you! Enjoy :) and we can't wait to see all the teams this weekend...
  8. Jackie

    DRP @ BLOWOUT 2015 & Review - DO NOT POST VID!

    Hey Btf, We had an amazing time at Bhangra Blowout this weekend! We are all very thankful to the committee for running an amazing competition in an organized fashion. Special shoutout to our liaisons, Navneet and Chinni, for being super helpful and supportive all the way through the end of...
  9. Jackie


    We had a great weekend in Northridge this past weekend! Congrats for UVA and Cal for placing! If anyone has a video please do not post it on Youtube or on this forum, please send it me at Happy Bhangra Games! -Jackie
  10. Jackie


    Best thing I've read on BTF in weeks, thanks Danny! ....Bump.
  11. Jackie

    DRP @ Boston Bhangra Competition 2014 (DO NOT POST)

    Hi BTF! We had an amazing time in Boston this weekend! That being said, please do not post our video! Instead, please pm me or email your video to Thanks!
  12. Jackie

    NSG Warrior 2014 Mix

    Bhangra Team Mix made by the collaboration of myself and DJ SARGAM from AEG. Enjoy!
  13. Jackie

    RIP Amritpal Dhillon

    RIP Amritpal Dhillon. It's saddening to see a member of the one of the teams we look up to, pass away at such a young age. My condolences to all his family and friends.
  14. Jackie

    What was the longest win streak?

    Empire 2008-2009 season: 5 first place streak 1st at boston bhangra, vibc, best of the best (bhangra category plus overall winners), and bruin
  15. Jackie

    Diljit Dosanjh Shoutout

    So proud of the kids for putting on an entertaining performance! Thank you Josh for dancing with us :)
  16. Jackie

    Cal Bhangra Alumni Notorious Intro Video 2013

    Hi BTF! Here is an early gift from Cal Bhangra Alumni, our intro video for this weekend's upcoming Bhangra competition being held in Stockton, CA! Cal Bhangra Alumni Intro Video enjoy :) looking forward to a great weekend! -Jackie
  17. Jackie

    Cal Bhangra Alumni Notorious Teaser 2013

    Cal Bhangra Alumni Notorious Teaser Come support Cal Bhangra Alumni!
  18. Jackie

    Cal Bhangra Burgh Mix 2012

    haha thanks bro, I am a big fan of mister sunlite myself! song list: panga by hapee singh pat suteya by sheri g milky by bups saggu look lak by roshan prince sapni vargi torh by cloud 9 music gur naal ishq mitta by malkit singh pani da rang remix by ajit singh nakhro by roshan prince...
  19. Jackie

    Cal Bhangra Burgh Mix 2012

    Hi BTF, Here is Cal Bhangra's mix from Bhangra in the Burgh 2012! I had an enjoyable time selecting songs and making a mix outside my comfort zone (ex empire mixer haha). Manreet Sandhu was a great help, making sure his choreography fit well with the sound I was supplying. Thank you everyone...
  20. Jackie

    Nachde Shokeen Gabroo (NSG) @ Sin City Bhangra 2013

    Yeah I thought it was pretty bad too, nav was blue Jodi on cal but I think he should be in the back for a bit for nsg. The guy showboats way too much at times. The patient girls killed it though! ;)