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  1. guranshsingh

    Farishtey @ Legacy of Bhangra 2019 (Debut)

    Yo yo kidaan dosto! Thank you to Harry and Legacy for giving us the opportunity to put on our debut performance. We've been talking about starting this team for two years and it’s been awesome thus far. Working with Sehj, Sartaj and Harji has been incredibly fun and can’t wait to see where the...
  2. guranshsingh

    Bruin Bhangra XX Mixtape

    From Rihanna to Jazzy B, Diljjt Dosanjh to Michael Jackson, and Drake to Guru Randhawa, THIS MIXTAPE IS YOUR SUMMER JAM! Check out the Bruin Bhangra XX Mixtape! In honor of Bruin’s 20th anniversary we’ve brought together some of the best DJ’s in the Bhangra and Bollywood circuits. Dr. Srimix...
  3. guranshsingh

    Bruin Bhangra @ Bhangra Blowout 2018

    Hey BTF! Here is our video from Bhangra Blowout 2018! I’m truly proud of the team for putting on this performance as a great conclusion to my 4 years on Bruin and a fun comeback from surgery. This was a dream come true: taking a team to Blowout and performing at home in front of my family and...
  4. guranshsingh

    Amrinder Gill's On My Side #Kalerity

    Yo BTF! I'm Kalerity and this is my newest mix! Feedback is always welcome. Hope y'all enjoy!
  5. guranshsingh


    Yo yo kidaan BTF! Presenting, the Official Bruin Bhangra XIX Mixtape, a collaboration between myself and some of the circuit's top and hottest DJ's: @GSingh, First Class Beats, DJ Baaj, DJ Sunlite, Vaibzzy, and DJ VP! Hope y'all enjoy! ;)
  6. guranshsingh

    Bruin Bhangra Match up Win @ West Coast Bhangra 2017

    Hello BTF! Here is the video from our match up win against DRP at West Coast Bhangra 2017. Please leave your comments and feedback so we can continue to improve our set for the remainder of our competitions this year! Huge shout out to Harji and @vaibhav and Simran! Could not have made the...
  7. guranshsingh

    UCLA Bruin Bhangra 2015-2016 Season

    Sasrikal saarian nu! This season, Bruin Bhangra (the dancing team, not committee) took a huge step forward from previous years in terms of dancing level, set creation, and mix. Huge props go out to our Captains Simran Singh and Vaibhav Thakkar (#Hellash*t #dictator...if you don't understand...