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  1. #Harami

    Pricing for mix and choreography

    Hello BTF! I am looking for pricing for someone to make a 5ish minute mix and choreography to go along with it for a wedding in July. There are no real parameters for the mix. I was thinking 1:00 for saap section and 1:00 for jhoomer section and the other 3 is anything. Thank you all!
  2. #Harami

    New Years in Dallas

    I'm visiting Dallas, TX for New Years and wondering which places I should go to.
  3. #Harami

    Who do you think will win Boston Bhangra Competition 2014?

    Comment on Placings as well
  4. #Harami

    Sterling's Punishment

    Did anyone else do a 16 count of pataka after hearing Adam Silver ban Sterling for life, or was that just me?
  5. #Harami

    Live Streaming Comps

    Does anyone know how to start live streaming bhangra competitions. I know for myself and a lot of other bhangra fans going to each and every bhangra competition is very hard and expensive. If someone wants to look into livestreaming comps let me know. It would be a great way to expose bhangra...
  6. #Harami

    American Bhangra Competition

    Is American Bhangra Competition the replacement for Big Apple Bhangra?