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  1. YGR


    So whens the new btf mixing ladder coming?
  2. YGR

    *** MASTER LIST- List of DJs to hire for mixes ***

    Raj Singh YGR Soundcloud: Email:
  3. YGR

    Week 5 call out thread

    I (YGR Ent.) chellenge HS
  4. YGR

    Week 5 call out thread

    Aiii np bro
  5. YGR

    Week 5 call out thread

    I (YGR Ent.) challenge Dj Tej
  6. YGR

    Feedback For A New Mixer

    Its a good mix bro all is gud but for one part.. at .53 when the beat kicks in, it just dosent sound like the 2 beats are together. Its hard to explain but its a good remix doe ;D Check me out: YGR Ent.
  7. YGR

    Soundcloud DJs?

    YGR Entertainment
  8. YGR

    Week 4 Ranking and Call-Out Thread

    I (YGR ENT) challenge Double A
  9. YGR

    Current Ranking and Updates

    Where do I say who I want to challenge?? :o :o
  10. YGR

    Dhol pack help

    I just made a dhol pack that can help but idk how to attach files :-\ :-\ someone plz hlp me
  11. YGR

    Dhol pack help

    The link dosent work anymore