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    Shaq Leaves After His First Free Throw

    Shaq Leaves After His First Free Throw! ***Must See!***Funny*** hahahahaha
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    1st Appearance for Full Face Transplant Patient

    amazing 1st Appearance for Full Face Transplant Patient
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    Superman vs Neo

    fight takes place inside the Matrix lets hear your thoughts :)
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    GMU Bhangra at Bhangra in the Burgh 3 - {HD}
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    Can I Have Your Number??

    I know this is old but it's sill hilarious haha
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    MJ ad on BTF

    yo if any of you have seen that ad on BTF where it says win all of Michael Jacksons albums, what's that instrumental that's playing during the ad is on the screen? what mj song is it from? lol i've heard the music so much now that its stuck in my head
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    Government borrows 46 cents for every dollar spent

    Obama's new plan will add $89 billion to the nation's deficit
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    PANJ BASH song question anybody know/have the jhummar song at 4:15?
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    AMAZING VOICE Singing Gurdas Mann's Sajna Ve Sajna Probably my favorite Punjabi song
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    BEST FIGHT SCENE EVER this made me laugh, so i thought i would share it with you guys make sure you watch the very end
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    ABC at Bulldog I really liked your guys new outfits. Dancers all good nakhre. One thing I noticed is sometimes the choreo really didn't fit in with the song. For instance at 5:00 when u guys were doing mirza, that song had no mirza beat...
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    PANJ Bulldog Intro Video
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    Bhangra Justice at Bulldog
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    Clips of Punjabi Beat at Idols

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    Hookah Is NOT Harmful...really Somia?

    Somia, I noticed that under your picture it says "Hookah is NOT harmful". I was just curious to know if that is supposed to be a joke or do you really believe that it is not harmful? I don't mean any disrespect by this post, just wondering from what source you draw your claim. I'm no expert...
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    Court overturns gun ban in D.C. What are your thoughts about this? Personally, I don't see anything wrong with having a gun at home for self-defense.
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    NJ kids

    damn front kid at 3:33 during assi haan punjabi has CRAZY energy
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    practice video

    don't know if yall have seen this before, but these guys def have some potential