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  1. shreeps

    OCPD 2015 Bhangra Mix

    Made a mix with some songs from a couple teams I mixed for this season and a bunch of new stuff. If anyone is interested in using any part of this mix for their team's mix, let me know. Enjoy!
  2. shreeps

    CMU Bhangra - All Videos and Mixes from 2013-2014 Season

    Hey BTF, Here are all of CMU's videos and mixes from this season. Enjoy! Critiques are welcome, as usual. Thanks to my co-captain, Mitra, and managers, Sid and Shubhit, and all of CMU Bhangra for their hard work this year. Huge thanks to everyone who helped us get ready at comps (especially...
  3. shreeps

    CMU Bhangra at Motor City Bhangra 2 and Bhangra at the Bell 2

    Hey BTF, Here are our videos from MCB a few weeks ago and Bell this past weekend. Thanks to Harjot for his vids and Divya K. for getting a nice view from the judges' angle at Bell! Motor City 2 (GTV vid): CMU Bhangra @ Motor City Bhangra 2014 Bhangra at the Bell 2 (GTV vid): CMU Bhangra @...
  4. shreeps

    CMU Bhangra at MCB (please do not post)

    If you have a video of CMU Bhangra from MCB, please PM me.
  5. shreeps

    Mastering/EQ Tutorials/Resources

    Hey BTF, Are there any really solid tutorials or resources for EQing and mastering techniques? I have a book, and plan on finding videos on YouTube or articles online, but I was wondering if there were any ones that people recommend. Not sure if there was already a thread on this, so I...
  6. shreeps

    CMU Bhangra (All Google Glass Videos)

    Hey BTF, As you may have seen in the post from a couple days ago, we tried out using Google Glass on stage to get a performer's view of our routine. My friend just got one, and inspired by FCB's GoPro video, we decided to give it a shot. This was for a dance show that happens at the end of...
  7. shreeps

    Updated (with file): CMU Bhangra Fall 2013 Mix

    Here's CMU Bhangra's mix for Fall 2013 (TDot and Bhangra in the Burgh). Thanks to Swi, Amar (from FCBeats), and Sean Kumar for helping me out as I made the mix, especially Swi for doing a lot of last minute clean-up.
  8. shreeps

    TDot Bhangra Competition 2013 - Competition Review

    Hey BTF, I'm one of the captains of CMU Bhangra this year, and we got the lucky opportunity to perform at TDot Bhangra this past weekend. We had a great time there, and I wanted to post my review of the competition. First of all, huge shout-out to our liaisons, Tobin and Maathury, who warmly...
  9. shreeps

    Some old mixes - Feedback appreciated!

    Here are some mixes I made a while ago. Not all bhangra, but would still appreciate feedback and tips. (The first two were just for experimenting, the last one was used for a show on campus) Thanks!