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  1. sahab

    Biggest struggle in bhangra and how you overcame it?

    @Ashley94 started a great thread about rationalizing how much time you spend on bhangra. In a similar note, I wanted to start a conversations about your biggest...
  2. sahab

    Furteelay Shokeen (First Place) @ Motor City Bhangra 2018

    Hello Everyone! We proudly present our first place performance at Motor City Bhangra 2018. We would like to especially thank @Deebrar23 for overnight shipping us the kurte we used for the performance. Thank you for helping us make this performance happen!! Shoutout to @GSingh for letting us...
  3. sahab

    Furteelay Shokeen at Buckeye Mela 2018

    Hey Everyone, Below is our video and mix from Buckeye Mela 11 Buckeye Mela is known for their hospitality, and the story is no different here. Thank you to the board, committee, liaisons, volunteers, etc. for throwing such an organized and enjoyable competition. We all on Furteelay greatly...
  4. sahab

    How are live competitions judged?

    Music comps are judged to rubrics. How are live comps judged? Is there a rubric? If so, what does the rubric look like/consist off? BTF oldies if you have a link to a thread that talks about this, link it.
  5. sahab

    Furteelay @ Bhangra in the Burgh 2017

    Hey Everyone, Here is our video from Burgh. Jodis: Red- Simz and Arun Blue- Manvir and Waluigi (Jaskirat Vig) Ferozi- Soorya and Dhruva Green- BJ and Rishi Yellow- Arjun and Amal Black- Eric and Karam Purple- Sahab Please leave us any and all constructive feedback. Our team is always looking...
  6. sahab

    Shiv Chand Vs SPD

    Vote Shiv Chand- SPD-
  7. sahab

    Jacquizz Rogers

    What happened to Jacquizz Rogers? #YOGCO
  8. sahab

    [GTV + Mix]The Michigan Bhangra Team: Winter 2016 (Blowout, Nashville, Buckeye)

    Hey BTF, here are the MBT performances from this past comp season. The captains of MBT would like to give a shoutout to all our team members for helping us throughout this year. There are a few individuals we want to thank for their help as well. Mani from OSU: You always come through in...
  9. sahab

    Mount Rushmore of Bhangra Captains?

    Often in sports, people try to create a Mount Rushmore for a certain sport. What if we made one for Bhangra team captains? Criteria to look out for are comps won, improvement of the team under the particular captain, and impact at a big picture scale (i.e. impact on community/bhangra overall)...
  10. sahab

    Michigan Bhangra Team @ FEVER, NASHVILLE (1st place), & BOILER

    Hey BTF, We had a great time competing this year and want to share our videos with y'all. Much love to our friends on OSU and Alamo for helping with our paghs. Thank you Arjun and Abhi for stepping in last minute and dancing. We look forward to making more strides next year. We would like...
  11. sahab

    Michigan Bhangra Team Boiler Bhangra 2013-2nd Place

    Hello everyone, Here is our video from Boiler Bhangra. Special thanks to our liaisons Anuja Chandrana and Chandani Bhatt. They made our stay easier and more fun by going above and beyond. Props to Purdue SASA for holding such a well run first year competition. Boiler Bhangra was one of the...
  12. sahab

    The Michigan Bhangra Team @ Boiler Bhangra 2013 and Virsa Punjab Da 2013

    Hey Everyone, Here is our mix from Boiler Bhangra 2013 and Virsa Punjab Da 2013. A huge thanks to DJ Ra, Rahul Kataria, for the mix. Also, thank you 5th Ave Bhangra for the great goli mix, and thank you Jason Kataria for our saap segment. Enjoy!!