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    Happy b-day bro. ;)
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    BMW mix @ Bruin 09

    BMW at bruin mix. Enjoy. Props go to Sunpreet.
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    DJ ACE

    Is there any one I can get into contact with dj ace. I bought his new CD, but the download link never appeared. If some one could either send me the Back 2 Folk, that would be great. I'm not trying to steal the CD, I already bought it. I don't know if my computer messed up the pop up to download...
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    VPD Bhangra Group Not a bad performance. The stage looks small as hell, which probably affected their execution. A lot of cleaning up to do. What you guys think??
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    Whats the best system? (PS3 vs. XBOX 360)

    I am not sure if this thread has been done already since searching BTF has been disabled. I just had to give up my ps2 and give it to my lil cousin so now I need a new system. I am not sure what I system I should get. I've been a playstation fan since Playstation first came out so I was...
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    I'm just curious to know exactly how props became part of the bhangra scene. How did props get involved? What is the symbolism of sapps, khunde's, kaato's? Why do we use them? I'm not sure if this question has been answered. If it has, can someone link me?
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    Texas Bhangra Song ?

    What's the song in the very beginning? The song that goes gi aya, de sat sri akaal (im not sure if that's exactly what he says). Not the background song, i just want the song that has that intro where he says that. Its in both of the mixes. I've heard it alot, but everyone asked doesn't have it...
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    Does anyone have a video from U-Mich. I forgot what year it was and where the performance was at, but it has been by far my favorite performance because it was one the first performances I ever saw. I used to have this on my old computer before it crashed. All I remember is that they start with...
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    MP3 Player's

    My iPod just broke, and I need a new mp3 player. The screen got busted, and I can't see a damn thing. I don't want another iPod because apple and itunes are having problems, and they also ruined the fact that I couldnt connect my iPod to my computer, so I don't want another apple product. My...
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    song question

    Does anyone know who sang the intro and what song the dhol beat is from?? I got this from an old mix i had. I dont even know what team performed it. I do know that Columbia performed with that instrumental section as well.
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    Bhangra Remixes

    What are some of your favorite bhangra remixes? I personally liked DRP money in the bank w/ batuaa remix and also LBC's jaildariyan w/ ballin..very creative and flowed very well. What are some of you favorites?? It can be mixed with hip hop, other bhangra songs, anything..