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  1. sdadoo15

    UNC Bhangra Elite 2019 Videos + Mixes

    Whats up BTF! Below you will find our video from Bhangra Blowout 2019! Special shoutout to Gabroo TV and Harjot Hundal for capturing this moment for us. Blue: Ragi Nayak, Sahil Dadoo Black: Kira Heikes, Karan Ravi Red: OJ Sethi, Rishi Champaneria Pink: Alisha Abhayakumar, Ben Chilampath...
  2. sdadoo15

    UNC Bhangra Elite (2nd Place) - Bhangra Blowout 24 [Video + Mix]

    What's up BTF! Below you will find UNC Bhangra Elite's second place performance and mix from Bhangra Blowout 24! Want to give a huge shoutout to BB board and our liaisons Akshay and Shivani for giving us yet another amazing Blowout experience. I would also like to thank Ram Mahalingam (FCBeats)...
  3. sdadoo15

    UNC Bhangra Elite @ Buckeye Mela X

    What's up BTF! Below are our videos from Buckeye Mela X! Huge huge shoutout to Mithin for recording these, and more importantly for supporting and progressing the initiative to get teams to release their videos immediately! Really suggest everyone read his post on the DDN Facebook group and I...
  4. sdadoo15

    Reaching Out to all **CURRENT** Dancers/Captains

    In light of the “What happened to the circuit?” thread and Howie bringing back his thread from last year, I want to reach out to all the CURRENT dancers and captains in the circuit and hear what people currently competing have to say about the way things are run. Looking at these couple of...
  5. sdadoo15

    UNC Bhangra Elite 2015-2016 Performances

    Hey BTF! Here are our videos from the 2015-2016 season. UNC Bhangra Elite had an exciting year, placing first at ATL Tamasha and Temple Tashan, and performing at Nachde Nashville and Bhangra Blowout! We would like to thank our entire team for putting in endless hours to make our set and...
  6. sdadoo15

    FCB Juniors Wedding Gig

    First Class Bhangra Juniors Wedding Gig Red: Sahil Dadoo Green: Rohan Bansal Pink: Akash Bansal
  7. sdadoo15

    ***FCB Juniors at BOB Juniors 2012 - FIRST PLACE***

    We at FCB Juniors would like to congratulate all the teams as well as the Best of the Best committee for putting on a great show! The committee made sure everything ran on time, which was very helpful. We would also like to thank Jasmeet for coming out to tie our paghs! As always, we would...
  8. sdadoo15

    good videos to watch

    can anyone tell me some specific performances i can watch that have great nakhre, style, form, etc. that i can learn from?
  9. sdadoo15

    junior comps

    does anybody know of any good junior comps around the US or BC? preferably east side.