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  1. Sher

    Joshiley Jawan @ Bhangra at the Bell Last Performance Ever

    Shahrukh and Shahzaib with the cute nakhra (meant in the gayest jj-est way possible) during mela.
  2. Sher

    Hype vs. Form/Grace in Bhangra

    There's a reason you don't see many And1 players in the NBA.
  3. Sher

    Gay Marriage, Sikhi, and the Repeal of DOMA

    I'm pretty sure that one thing should be Guru Granth Sahib
  4. Sher


    Jhoomer Bhangra Peformed By Girls
  5. Sher

    Craziest Shit you've ever seen

    What's more disrespectful, them kissing or the hate that is being spread by statements like this one? What every happened to the concept of equality of all people in Sikhi?
  6. Sher

    Happy Diwali to all BTF members..:)

    Happy Bandi Chhor Divas
  7. Sher

    Competition and Alcohol ?

    Re: Competition-sponsored liquor/drinking at comps I don't understand how intoxicants are ingrained in a non-negative way. please explain. I've always seen the alcohol/drug problem in Punjab to be a very negative thing. When a mass group of people gets drunk there are normally negative...
  8. Sher

    Competition and Alcohol ?

    Re: Competition-sponsored liquor/drinking at comps I think bottles in the gift basket is a horrible concept. I would much rather get a gift basket that can be useful to me for the actual competition (pins, water, etc.). Also, what if a junior team gets into bayside? Will they be provided...
  9. Sher

    Dasam Granth Debate

    Its actually Kala Afghana, and that just referring to one of the main voices (Gurbaksh Singh Kala Afghana) against the Dasam Granth. He has a history of writing alot of controversial articles/ books about how Sikhi today is not nearly the same as Sikhi in the Gurus' time. Regardless of whether...
  10. Sher

    Racialization of Sikhs In The United States

    I agree...thats why I said that other stuff wasn't my opinion haha. I just wanted to give the thought process behind listing it as a race.
  11. Sher

    Racialization of Sikhs In The United States

    I actually talked to one of the guys with United Sikhs leading the 'campaign' to recognize Sikhs as a separate race because I didn't really see the thinking behind it (the census form lists races as Asian Indian, White, African American etc, not Hindu, Christian, Muslim etc.). He basically said...
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    Racialization of Sikhs In The United States

    post it or email it to me please
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    *** BTF Bracket Challenge 2010 ***

    lovin the tournament this year...KENTUCKKYYY
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    *** BTF Bracket Challenge 2010 ***

    perfection is nice
  15. Sher

    *** BTF Bracket Challenge 2010 ***

    Cornells a good pick...Obama picked them to win their 1st game: He did pick the winner last year, but I'm not really feeling Kansas
  16. Sher

    Punjabi University patiala at Saufest 2009

    From now on I'm doing sial koti like the left yellow guy in the 1st video at 5:47
  17. Sher

    *** BTF Bracket Challenge 2010 ***

    2 #1s in the final 4 and no #4s in the sweet 16...lets see how this works out
  18. Sher

    Competition Judges

    They're the best for bharatnatyam competitions, but I don't really see why you would have someone that doesn't know bhangra judging a bhangra competition. They might not have bias, but there are different aspects to bharatnatyam and bhangra...its like a baskebtall ref being an umpire in a...
  19. Sher

    please watch this is true story of sikhs wut happend to them in 1984

    another view on the issue attached
  20. Sher

    World Bhangra Competition - Question

    India teams didnt compete there