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    Huffington Post Feature

    Team: CMU Bhangra School: Carnegie Mellon University Location: Pittsburgh, PA Founding Year: 2005
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    ***GTV Video - Buckeye Bhangra at Bhangra in the Burgh 9***

    Quick thoughts: Song selection: You guys used a lot of songs that I've heard other teams use over the past 3-4 years, but didn't put as much of a twist on them as I would've liked. I think it's okay to reuse songs, but as soon as I hear a song I've heard before, I immediately think of that...
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    How to muffle my dhol?

    Same. I usually have it cover only half of each head so I can still play on the surface of the head. I don't mind hitting the dagga side when it's covered with a towel but I don't like hitting the towel with my tilli.
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    OCPD 2015 Bhangra Mix

    Made a mix with some songs from a couple teams I mixed for this season and a bunch of new stuff. If anyone is interested in using any part of this mix for their team's mix, let me know. Enjoy!
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    Saaping Help

    Not a bad idea but start out going really slow and with really low weight. If you try to go too quickly or use higher weight than you're capable of using, there's a decent risk of injury, especially if you're just starting out. I'd suggest switching off between weights and saaps if you're...
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    Saaping Help

    I prefer to put my thumbs on the part of the handles that's facing me (the same face against which I'm pushing my palms). Some people put their thumbs on the outside. I'd suggest trying both and figuring out which is more comfortable. I would advise against putting them on the inside.
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    SGPD @ Windy City Bhangra - 1st Place

    What song was used in the mela? Around 7:50ish. I've heard it a bunch of times but never caught the name of the track. Thanks in advance!
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    Post for all the WTF!! songs

    Kamal Heer & Sangtar - Google Te (2012)
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    Post for all the WTF!! songs

    Kamal Heer Facebook Punjabi Official Video (Dec, 2010)
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    CMU Bhangra - All Videos and Mixes from 2013-2014 Season

    Salera Rang by Amrinder Gill
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    CMU Bhangra - All Videos and Mixes from 2013-2014 Season

    Hey BTF, Here are all of CMU's videos and mixes from this season. Enjoy! Critiques are welcome, as usual. Thanks to my co-captain, Mitra, and managers, Sid and Shubhit, and all of CMU Bhangra for their hard work this year. Huge thanks to everyone who helped us get ready at comps (especially...
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    CMU Bhangra at Motor City Bhangra 2 and Bhangra at the Bell 2

    Thanks for all the comments! And Anik, thanks for the detailed critique. You definitely made some good points, and we really appreciate the feedback. I hope you liked the changes we made for WBBC (and the ones we'll make for Blowout)!
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    Bhangra Circuit Critiques

    Lot of good points here, Hardeep. Just wanted to comment on this specific point. I've danced at competitions where judges did take this into account. I'm not sure if it was on the rubric, but I know that there was some disparity between how much of the stage different teams used, and that...
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    GTV new video cuts

    I think it would make sense to just post the mix after a delay, just like you do for videos, and just let teams choose a different delay time than for the video (in case they don't want to release the mix, or want to wait until the end of the bhangra season, as I'm sure many teams do).
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    GTV new video cuts

    Good point on the Soundcloud links. Is there any specific reason for waiting a year? I imagine the reposting/resharing of the video after a year once the mix download has been posted would be good for bringing back old videos and giving them more exposure, but is there any other specific reason...
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    GTV new video cuts

    Yep, he asks for song listing, dancers (and colors), instrumentalists, and any other information we want posted. It pretty much includes everything we could want to post. One suggestion: maybe add a field for a Soundcloud link to the team's mix?
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    True, judges will always be inconsistent, but I think Faizan and whoever he worked with have put together a pretty decent system for generating rubrics and keeping teams and judges on the same page. Maybe it worked well this time, maybe not, but I think a lot of the core ideas he had and...
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    This is a great idea. Back in middle school/high school when I went to band competitions, they did this, and since you could hear the music in the background along with the judges' comments, it was helpful for knowing exactly where and why we lost points. It's not too difficult to do and would...
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    WBBC 2014 Thanks you and Feedback

    Ditto everything Mitra said. Just wanted to add a huge thanks to Prabhjit and Ankush. We sent Prabhjit to run errands for us pretty much all day Saturday, and he was an enormous help. And Ankush, even before the weekend came, helped me sort out logistics for a lot of things, made sure we were...