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  1. A.JAGGI

    Looking to Buy Hardcover Dhol Case

    If anyones looking to sell theirs or knows someone who is selling hardcover dhol cases please let me know. PM me or message here and I'll Pm you.
  2. A.JAGGI

    GMU@ Bhangra Blowout **Please do not post**

    Congrats to MBT and CMU for some amazing performances. if anyone does have our video, please direct message me. We will post it at a later date. Rab Rakha.
  3. A.JAGGI


    Congradulations to all placing teams and the committee for having a great a competition! Please pm me the video if you have one. Thank you guys!
  4. A.JAGGI

    ***GMU Bhangra @ Bhangra In the Burgh 2014 mix***

    Comments and feedback are always appreciated. ;D
  5. A.JAGGI

    **GMU Bhangra @Burgh DO NOT POST**

    On behalf of Gmu we'd like to congratulate all the placing teams. Please do not post our video. If you do have the video, you can pm me. We will release it at a later date. Thank you.
  6. A.JAGGI

    ***GMU Bhangra Bab Mix*** feedback would be appreciated
  7. A.JAGGI

    Stringing a tumbi?

    Sadly my tumbi string is now tumbi strings. Any idea on which string to buy and how to restring it on the tumbi? thanks guys.
  8. A.JAGGI

    ***GMU Bhangra at BAB DO NOT POST***

    Please do not post our video, if you do have the video please pm me. We will post it at a later date
  9. A.JAGGI

    Chimta samples?

    anyone have any chimpa hits, or does anyone know what other instruments closely relate to the sound of a chimta?
  10. A.JAGGI

    Rendering mixes for the best quality (fl studio)

    Recently turned to fl studio, my question is which options do you chose for your bhangra mixes when rendering to get the best quality? It seems that when you download it, it sounds much different than when you were mixing. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  11. A.JAGGI

    Foji and Sudesh Kumari- Whatever full mix. I'd Appreciate any feedback. :) thank you.
  12. A.JAGGI

    Ammy Virk Amli short mix feedback is always appreciated.
  13. A.JAGGI

    Ironing the Turla?

    I'm trying to clean up my creases in the turla as much as possible. what do you guys think about ironing the turla? should I iron before starching or after?
  14. A.JAGGI


    Given everyone's opinionated responses to the first match up for next years wbbc comp, I'm interested to see what match up do you guys think would be ideal for this comp. We can make this fun and bring up old school teams too. Personally, I'd love to see: 1) sgpd vs. nj 2) empire vs. drp 3)...
  15. A.JAGGI

    what setting do you listen to mixes on your ipod on.

    which setting on your ipod/iphone do you guys normally listen bhangra mixes on.
  16. A.JAGGI

    Taare Panj Daryavaan De performance.

    Hey guys, This was a performance we put up in less than 8 hours. There's certainly room for a lot of improvement and we're aware of that. Any other helpful feedback is much appreciated. Thanks! ;D Taare Panj Daryavaan De (T52D)
  17. A.JAGGI

    song help!

    can someone please post kala ghagra by gurbehj brar?
  18. A.JAGGI

    Boli, ashok gill Mini Mix.

    Feedback and comments would be much appreciated. :)
  19. A.JAGGI

    need help with finding a few sound effects.

    Pehchaan Apni Nachdi Jandi @ Jashan 2012 the effect is used at 3:50 and 5:37 Nachdi Jawani @ Jashan 2012 one effect is a drum used at 5:29 the other is used at 6:43. thanks guys.
  20. A.JAGGI

    emailing mixes help

    For some reason whenever I try to send a mix, it never lets me send it, it usually says "sorry the file exceeds 25 m.b" and i make my mixes on acid pro 7, any advise on how to easily send it without any trouble. thanks in advance