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  1. Raghavtrip

    What to look for while holding auditions?

    Enthusiasm/enjoyment/passion for the team is really way more important than skill/coordination when holding tryouts for a small college team looking to eventually be competitive. We were in pretty much the same boat you're in now, and spent a long time as a really small team doing an occasional...
  2. Raghavtrip

    Grips for saaps/shikke?

    We used to use tennis racket overgrips which were definitely better than electrical tape and also absorb any sweat from your hands. If you do this, make sure you only use a super thin layer-- we realized over time that thick tape grips weren't good for teaching new members how to use saaps since...
  3. Raghavtrip

    Margib - Yaqteen

    incredible, super unique mix as always man, keep em coming
  4. Raghavtrip

    Trip to London/Amsterdam

    Lok Nach Bhangra in London has some pretty regular classes/sessions open to the public to join in (, otherwise it might be helpful to contact some of the university teams in London like KCL/Imperial to see if they have some practices around that time you could...
  5. Raghavtrip

    Bhangra move compendium

    This is incredibly well done, thanks for putting this together! We had a similar thing for our team a few years ago and sent out a "Bhangra Culture of the Week" email each week with a move + origin of the name (like you have here), historic performance, and influential bhangra artist (+ some...
  6. Raghavtrip

    New Member? Introduce yourself here!

    Couldn't be more proud, first competitive team coming out of Oregon in history and incredibly motivated, talented leadership! throwback @akhbar @rajkaran Post on BTF with any concerns/issues you have as a new team growing...
  7. Raghavtrip

    Old Vardi

    Tons of non-competitive teams and local South Asian groups also look for rental vardiyan to use at local gigs (weddings and stuff), if you're comfortable sending vardiyan around. I'd suggest posting pics here/DDN like @srikarran said, but also post pics on Facebook and in any local ATL groups...
  8. Raghavtrip

    Spartan Bhangra @ Championships of Bhangra 2019 (ft. Teg Hans & paaji)

    Incredible mix man, really gave me shivers to hear our boy the legend @Rajpreet93 back at it
  9. Raghavtrip

    Derby City Dhoom Application Reminder

    Winner: CMU Bhangra
  10. Raghavtrip

    Aa Dekhen Zara Bhangra Competition 2019

    Placings: Spartan Bhangra Boiler Bhangra
  11. Raghavtrip

    Proper Phummaniya beat for dhol

  12. Raghavtrip

    qualifications for judging?

    I think these are both awesome ideas, would also help competitions have a shortlist of judges they can reach out to if they aren't taking applications and would help teams better understand the paradigms of judges before attending competitions. Getting back to posting comp reviews regularly is...
  13. Raghavtrip

    Vice City Competition Review

    He stopped responding to any of our emails/messages/texts right after the comp until we gave up ever getting the money. Pretty tough on a college team, especially considering budgets we have to submit to the school prior to the end of the year which consider the prize money. Both Sunset and BOTR...
  14. Raghavtrip

    bring back comp reviews

    ^Same, I think people stopped writing them b/c they're worried they'll either get blacklisted from that comp or other comps will see it and worry that they'll get some negative feedback from teams who regularly write comp reviews. I don't think this is really a problem in practice, but one way...
  15. Raghavtrip

    Collegiate Teams: Winter Break Practice Tips

    When I was a collegiate team captain, we generally tried a few things to make sure people were practicing over winter break to get ready for comps: We had a video requirement for people on lineup for the coming comps (usually to post four videos a week of a full run through, not on the same...
  16. Raghavtrip

    Bhangra in the Burgh 2018 Predictions

    Placings: 1. FCB 2. Furteelay 3. MBT
  17. Raghavtrip

    Margib - Jordan Vato (A-Kay x Snoop Dogg)

    Love the creative concept man, great mix!
  18. Raghavtrip

    Queen City Bhangra Predictions

    Placings: 1. NJ 2. SDS 3. FCB
  19. Raghavtrip

    Queen City Bhangra Predictions

    1. FCB 2. MOB 3. NJDM