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    Ableton cracked for mac

    Install UTorrent first: Find torrent on here and then download with Utorrent:
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    Sound effect

    Ok thanks bro
  3. JattOye

    Sound effect

    Can someone post the cymbal at 10 secs thx in advance
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    Wanted Feedback on this
  5. JattOye

    Help!!! Tips on making bhangra mixes :D

    Could anyone post jsm's video if they have it?
  6. JattOye

    Effect help

    Can anyone post the chopped up effect in the background starting @ 1 sec
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  9. JattOye

    Mix Critique?

    Try and keep the same energy thorough out the mix cause you hype it up kind of when zindabad yaarian comes in. You also need to work on your transitions because zindabad yaarian just kind of plays right after matching. Your mix also gets off beat around 1:22. Also try avoiding using too many...
  10. JattOye

    Song help!!!!

    Lol did anyone end up finding the song or what really need it for a mix
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    Dholki loop

    Fashoo, I’ll try messing with them
  13. JattOye

    Dholki loop

    Thanks bro
  14. JattOye

    Dholki loop

    Anybody got the dholki loop with the little sound effect in the background that starts at 22 sec, thx in advance
  15. JattOye

    Joti Dhillon mix (STEMS PROVIDED, TRY A MIX)

    yeah, does anyone have the stems for it?