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    Kehar Singh - Kuldeep Manak remix

    I've been messing with old songs for a while but never posted them. It's kinda hard to mix them because the songs are live and sorta go offbeat after a while. If anyone has any tips or suggestions for mixing old tracks like these please let me know! Feedback is appreciated too, thanks!
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    MOTOR CITY BHANGRA 2019 thoughts

    Have you considered doing the competition sometime during the summer like July/August? I've noticed very few comps happen around that time.
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    2018 Mixing Ladder: Final Results

    Maybe we could do monthly BTF mixes? Not for a ladder but just for feedback to improve? Like someone suggests a song, and whoever wants to remix that song and post it to the thread can, and then others can give some feedback for it?
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    Mixing Ladder Week 5 Callout Thread and Week 4 Wrap-Up!

    Not gonna be able to accept this one bro, gonna be busy this week
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    Mixing Ladder Week 4 Callout Thread and Week 3 Wrap-up

    S.H (28) challenges DJ Mandown (25)
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    *Mixing Ladder Season 4 Week 3 Info & Callout Thread*

    S.H (30) challenges SahotaProductions (29) lol
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    *Mixing Ladder Season 4 Week 3 Info & Callout Thread*

    S.H (30) challenges DJ ManDown (28)
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    *Mixing Ladder Season 4 Week 2 Info & Callout Thread*

    S.H (33) challenges RSB (34) Kinda late lol