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    human barking--hip hop vocal/sample--help
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    Anyone have Vasdhi by Kulvinder Johal?
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    Jatt Jameson Remix - Gursehaj Saini | Jasraj Lailna | LiL Sandhu

    Check it out! Music Video: Big shout out to my boy Jasraj Lailna for this fire track! Available on iTunes:
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    New Mixes - LiL Sandhu

    Hey guys here is 2 mega mix's I put up on soundcloud, let me know what you guys think. Winter Megamix 2016 - LiLSandhu Slow Jams Megamix 2017 - LiL Sandhu Enjoy!
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    Slow Jams Megamix 2016 - LiL Sandhu

    Hey guys, this is a quick mix i made a couple weeks ago. Check it out! Feedback Appreciated!!! Download Link:
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    SERIOUS QUESTION -- punjabi food in toronto

    Sweet India in Malton
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    Acid Music Studio 10 vs. Acid pro 7

    Here's the download link for Sony Acid Music Studio 10.0 for anyone who wants to try it out
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    Summer Megamix 2016 - LiL Sandhu

    A quick mix i made just to jam too, hope you guys like it! Feedback Appreciated!!
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    What's this song

    Nashedi Dil - Kamal Heer
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    Spring MEGAMIX 2016 - LiL Sandhu

    What's up everyone! i made a megamix a few weeks ago, let me know what you think. Feedback Appreciated! :) ENJOY!!!
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    Winter Megamix 2015 - LiL Sandhu

    A quick mix I put together. Feedback is appreciated! Wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday's! :)
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    Winter Megamix 2015 - LiL Sandhu

    Just want to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays! Put this mix together within a few hours, wish you guys like it. Feedback is appreciated! :)
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    LiL Sandhu Mixes

    Hey guys haven't posted here in a while, i put up a few mixes on soundcloud! Check Em Out!!! Veer Vaar - Diljit Yaari Chandigarh Waliye - Ranjit Bawa Main...
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    Khangaya - Jazzy B & Gippy Grewal - LiL Sandhu

    i noticed that too bro, i miss the old btf :( thanks bro glad you liked it :) This is exactly what i was looking for, really appreciate the feedback, and ill try my best to learn how to eq and stuff. thanks for looking out. :)
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    Khangaya - Jazzy B & Gippy Grewal - LiL Sandhu

    Let me know what you guys think of the mix. Download Link: