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  1. Raghavtrip

    Summer Bhangra Classes in Northeast Ohio

    Hey everyone, We've been holding summer bhangra classes for high-school and middle-school age students at Case Western Reserve University's campus in Cleveland, Ohio. The classes are held once a week for now, but we're open to having them multiple times weekly if there is interest! I currently...
  2. Raghavtrip

    Spartan Bhangra 2016-17 Competition Videos (Got Bhangra, BBC, Buckeye, Nashville, Rocks)

    Hey everyone, Here are Spartan Bhangra’s videos from 2016-17! We competed at Got Bhangra Competition, Boston Bhangra Competition, Buckeye Mela, Nachde Nashville (Third Place), and Bhangra on the Rocks (First Place). Performing on these stages was amazing, and pushing the boundaries of our...
  3. Raghavtrip

    Step-by-Step Video Guide to Making Custom Fumman

    Hey everyone, For the past few seasons my mom and I have been making our fumman/phumman (for Spartan Bhangra) from scratch so that we could customize them, replace broken/missing fumman, and save some money. Recently, we've been contacted by a few teams to make new sets of fumman and replace...
  4. Raghavtrip

    Sponsorship Packages for Bhangra Teams

    Our team is looking to start requesting sponsorships from local businesses (and probably some bigger businesses eventually), and we were wondering if anyone had any experience doing this with their teams? More specifically, we're trying to figure out what dollar amounts to set the relative...
  5. Raghavtrip

    Spartan Bhangra at Got Bhangra 2016 -- Please do not post

    Hey, Thanks to the Got Bhangra Competition board for an amazing weekend! If you have a video of Spartan Bhangra from GBC, please email it to us at We'll be posting all our videos the week after Boston (11/19). Let me know if you have any questions...
  6. Raghavtrip

    Anyone going to The Bhangra Showdown?

    This is probably a long shot, but if anyone's going to TBS this weekend (Birmingham, UK) PM me!
  7. Raghavtrip

    **Spartan Bhangra--Bhangra in the Burgh 9 GTV Video, Comments/Critiques**

    Hey, Here is Spartan Bhangra's (representing Case Western Reserve University) performance from Bhangra in the Burgh 9! Being a young team in the circuit, we would really love to hear your critiques. Please feel free to comment directly on this...
  8. Raghavtrip

    Selling Wooden Saaps

    Hey everyone, Spartan Bhangra is selling a set of 14 old saaps, initially purchased from India and in great shape (only used for a year, well taken care of, no spray paint/excess grease/etc.). Please send me a PM if you want any more information/pictures or are interested in buying them! We'll...
  9. Raghavtrip

    Spartan Bhangra Tryouts (Cleveland, OH)!

    Hey everyone, My name is Raghav, and I’m one of the captains of Spartan Bhangra, a Cleveland-based co-ed Bhangra team at Case Western Reserve University. We perform very frequently throughout the Northeast Ohio region (e.g. weddings, gigs, melas, teaching Bhangra workshops for the community...
  10. Raghavtrip

    ***Spartan Bhangra @ Nashville, MCB, ECD (*1st in Bhangra*), & Sunset***

    Hey everyone, Below are Spartan Bhangra’s videos from this past semester! It’s really been an honor for us to meet and compete with so many other great teams. We’ve had an amazing time training our team of primarily first-time dancers, and have consistently received amazing critiques from...
  11. Raghavtrip


    Hey, Is anyone either selling algozey or know of a good place to buy them? I can't really find anywhere to purchase them that isn't in bulk haha. If anyone is selling them, I can either pay for shipping or pick them up anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, Cleveland/Chicago area, or San Diego/LA...
  12. Raghavtrip

    East Coast Dhamaka 2015 Reviews

    First off, I’d like to thank everyone involved in putting on ECD for a great weekend. Special thanks to the other teams for being great both on and off stage! We had an excellent time, and would love to come back next year. Secondly, I’d like to offer a disclaimer for this review—this...
  13. Raghavtrip

    East Coast Dhamaka Placings

    Hey everyone, We just competed at East Coast Dhamaka 2015 (hosted by George Mason University). Placings are below: Top Fusion Team: OSU Genesis Top Bhangra Team: Spartan Bhangra Top Raas Team: Tar Heel Raas Overall Placings: 1. OSU Genesis 2. Tar Heel Raas 3. Spartan Bhangra Thank you so...
  14. Raghavtrip

    Looking to Purchase Vardiyan

    Hey, I'm from Spartan Bhangra at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH). We are looking to purchase six new boys and girls vardiyan (any colors, as long as they match)--it's okay if the fumman and/or pattis for the pagha are missing, as we can make those. Please PM me or email me at...
  15. Raghavtrip

    PCS Night Chicago Comp Review--Spartan Bhangra

    Hey everyone, I apologize for the really late post! I just found this post in my drafts and it turns out I never posted it. Thanks to the PCS Organizers for an amazing weekend (11/7 through 11/9)! Prior to Arrival The liaison (Manpreet) and the organizers (Pardeep Deol and everyone else...
  16. Raghavtrip

    Spartan Bhangra at Motor City Bhangra 2015

    Hey everyone, Please do not post a video of our performance from MCB 2015, as we are competing at two competitions coming up soon. We will post all videos at the start of May! If you have a video of the performance, please PM me or email me at Thank you very much...
  17. Raghavtrip

    Spartan Bhangra at Nachde Nashville--Please do not post

    Hey everyone, If you have a video of Spartan Bhangra at Nachde Nashville, please send it to me. We will post our video publically after Motor City Bhangra! Thank you, Raghav
  18. Raghavtrip

    Vardiyan & Accessories

    Hey everyone, At competitions this Fall and last Spring, our team was told many times that we should get new paghs, new vardiyan, and possibly accessories (fumman, parandhis, etc.). Where do teams generally purchase this stuff, and are there any vendors you guys recommend/have experience with...
  19. Raghavtrip

    Cleveland Spartan Bhangra Tryouts

    Hey everyone, My name is Raghav, and I'm one of the captains of Spartan Bhangra, a Cleveland-based Bhangra group. We perform at many local events (e.g. weddings, melas, etc.) as well as national competitions. We're a coed team that has been here for a while, and in the past couple years...