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  1. AmitojSThind

    Bhangra All Stars Sydney (BASS) @ Championships of Bhangra 2019 (1ST PLACE) and @ Bhangra Fever X (2ND PLACE)

    G'Day guys, Here are our videos from the Early 2019 season ?. The BASS Boys embarked on a journey to the East Coast of the United States and performed in TWO competitions on back to back weekends (Bhangra Fever X and Championships of Bhangra). 1st place performance from Championships of...
  2. AmitojSThind

    BASS vs MOB Bhangra Knockout 2017 Mix

    g’day guys, Here’s the Bhangra All Stars Sydney VS Ministry of Bhangra (Sydney) matchup mix from Bhangra Knockout 2017. Link below Any feedback would also be greatly appreciated :)
  3. AmitojSThind

    What is the best jhoomar of all time?

    The Ghadiya Mila De Kehndi mix and choreo was hella dope. Feels AF Defs one of my favourite music jhoomar's.
  4. AmitojSThind

    What is the best jhoomar of all time?

    Lovely Professional University (LPU) Unmatched
  5. AmitojSThind

    All Guys Team Battle

    Haha Keen AF! ^
  6. AmitojSThind

    2016-2017 Competitive Season Review

    Best Coed Team: Buckeye Best All Guys Team: Shaan Punjab Dee Best Canadian Team: Shaan Punjab Dee and NJ Folk Loverz Most Improved Team: Illini Best Competition to Compete At: Harbour City Bhangra (always a dope comp) Best Set: Shaan Punjab Dee Big X (next level execution) Best Gimmick: KPGD...
  7. AmitojSThind

    December MegaMixx // Summer Down-Under 2016 ~ chaMak ~

    Hey wassup guys, Checkout my latest MegaMixx linked below. Thoughts and feedback would be appreciated :D chaMak | 21 | Sydney | BASS
  8. AmitojSThind

    Big Apple Bhangra Predictions

    Smd TPDD Dcmpaa/ UVA
  9. AmitojSThind

    Nachdi Jawani Folk Loverz @ Bit6ix (1st Place)

    Youngins holdin' it down. Super keen to see the big things you lads do over the coming years. Congrats on 1st Place :)
  10. AmitojSThind

    2015-2016 Bhangra Season Recap: Your Opinions Wanted!

    1. Which routine was your favourite? Shaan Punjab Dee @ Motor City Bhangra 2016 Holy smokes that set took me through all the ages of bhangra, from the 1950s to today. So many feels watching that set. Wish I was there to see it live. Heard amazing things. 2. Which competition were you most...
  11. AmitojSThind

    *** MASTER LIST- List of DJs to hire for mixes ***

    Amitoj Thind (chaMak) - Bhangra All Stars Sydney [BASS] - SoundCloud - FaceBook - Email - Soundcloud Links Bhangra KnockOut Mix - [BASS Queenz...
  12. AmitojSThind

    First Class Bhangra @ Buckeye Mela 9! [First Place]

    Haha ^ too many lolz Congrats on the win lads. Much cleaner than Burgh. Your newer dancers are doing very well. Keep on pushing them further to close gap between the veterans and newbies. Mix as always is fire and well composed. Khunda segment has improved quite a fair bit. As always Sid and...
  13. AmitojSThind

    Att Karti + Vail Puna Mashup || Dj ChaMak {Jassi Gill & Ammy Virk}

    A quick Att Karti and Vail Pune Mashup that I mixed. Feedback would be great, thanks guys :)
  14. AmitojSThind

    Excerpts || dj chaMak - timetable 1/2 mashup + putt sardaran de

    Enjoy guys Also any feedback would be great ;D
  15. AmitojSThind

    Summer DownUnder 2015 MegaMixx ~ dj chaMak

    Summer DownUnder 2015 MegaMixx // dj chaMak Any feedback would also be much appreciated ;D Happy Holidays!
  16. AmitojSThind

    Interesting Statistic About Bhangra

    lolllllll smashed it
  17. AmitojSThind

    Boston Bhangra Competition 2015 Predictions

    1. Virsa Our Tradition 2. Xtreme Bhangra 3. Da Real Punjabiz
  18. AmitojSThind

    Best month to hold a competition?

    To get more teams from Australia participating on the Global circuit, i'd say July and December to March. Seasons are opposite so that kinda makes the March/April and November comps hard for Aussies to travel to (without differing all your exams of course lol)