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  1. A.JAGGI

    AEG @ Bhangra in the Burgh, Got Bhangra 2016, and Naach di Cleveland

    HYPE AF! Congrats on a successful season. Glad to see AEG back at it. can't wait for what you guys have in store for the future.
  2. A.JAGGI

    Reaching Out to all **CURRENT** Dancers/Captains

    JUDGING: There’s a reason to why many teams stopped going to the judges meeting. First: competitions need a better way of hosting the judges meeting. -Please don’t give me a rushed five minutes with every other team’s captain behind me a few feet away eying me down and counting down the...
  3. A.JAGGI

    Join a Bhangra team in Vancouver or Surrey

    Wish you the best of luck. Vancouver and surrey have a very very very low Punjabi and Bhangra population.. Im joking if you didn't catch it
  4. A.JAGGI

    Looking to Buy Hardcover Dhol Case

    If anyones looking to sell theirs or knows someone who is selling hardcover dhol cases please let me know. PM me or message here and I'll Pm you.
  5. A.JAGGI

    Plastic Saaps

    My man Aalok Mann
  6. A.JAGGI

    CIRCLE CITY BHANGRA COMPETITION: Create your own destiny!

    Re: CIRCLE CITY BHANGRA: Create your own destiny! Great post. I appreciate you guys taking the initiative and really trying to make a memorable competition. Personally I feel that having the venue closer to the hotels is very beneficial. It allows dancers to be able to get some rest, teams...
  7. A.JAGGI

    Need help with bhangra team names!

    If you're the official Bhangra team for Seton Hall University, I wouldn't try to make a new name or at least have a name too far off from "Seton Hall University Bhangra". Perhaps your Mascot and "Bhangra" at the end.
  8. A.JAGGI

    Bhangra Down Under 2016 - Competing Teams Announcement

    Pammi Bai should be guest judge!
  9. A.JAGGI

    DCBC @Clutch City Bhangra 2016

    One of my all time favorite opening segments.
  10. A.JAGGI

    Idea: Super Dang

    Pretty sure Khalsa College Jalandhar already did this..
  11. A.JAGGI

    CLUTCH CITY BHANGRA COMPETITION 2016- Reviews, Feedback, and more!

    Congrats to Clutch City committee for hosting a great first comp. Shout out to Sher e's liaison Ricky for kicking it with us and being very Clutch :D the entire weekend. My personal opinion from the weekend. Pool Party: A1 Good Queso Mixer: A1 Great job having it in the hotel. Good Queso...
  12. A.JAGGI

    Surrey Folk Bhangra Club | Elite Bhangra Competition 2016

    Loved those Paghan. Good paghs need to be appreciated. Great set. shorter Yellow dancer was sick. an issue i saw was that some of the guys in the back really started to chill. moving forward (just my opinion) I would start to focus on the smaller details. Making sure leg lifts are fully...
  13. A.JAGGI

    ~Bhangra Blowout 23 Review/Feedback~

    This was my first time competing at Blowout and I absolutely loved it. Shoutout to our liaisons Apsara and Priya for being on top things and being super supportive and amazing. Everything from the mixer to the afterparty was on point. The venue was amazing. Lisner had some great sound...
  14. A.JAGGI

    GMU@ Bhangra Blowout **Please do not post**

    Congrats to MBT and CMU for some amazing performances. if anyone does have our video, please direct message me. We will post it at a later date. Rab Rakha.
  15. A.JAGGI

    Bhangra Scene in VA area (Richmond or near by)?

    ^ The amount of truth in this statement.
  16. A.JAGGI

    NGPD @ NACS 2016

    Really curious, how old is the shorter purple kid? Insane Talent.