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  1. HarmanG


    All feedback is appreciated !
  2. HarmanG

    Song Request Please

    hey can someone please post the song that goes something like this " mundian'ch charchey neh hoi soniyeh" please and thank you
  3. HarmanG

    DJ Dhol-E playing Dhol
  4. HarmanG

    Mixcraft Question

    i dunno if this has been posted yet but... can anyone tell me how to speed up a song on mixcraft i couldnt find a way :S **Sorry i just noticed this topic is supposed to be in 'Help and How to's'**
  5. HarmanG

    Mixcraft 4.0 questionn

    can someone plz post a keygen type of thing for Mixcraft 4.0 or any later version plzz
  6. HarmanG

    song request

    hey can someone please post this songg i dunno wah its really called but the lyrics go like thiss : "hun usi boliyan surur pavan gey Giddhe Vich Mitran di Jaan aeye"
  7. HarmanG

    BTF Question

    i jsut wanted to know if BTf was still underconstruction because i keep getting a error when i go to the media centre ???
  8. HarmanG

    DJ Dhol-E song request

    hey can someone post DJ Dhol-E'z Don remix the full one please
  9. HarmanG


    can some one plz post the dhool beat for phumnian
  10. HarmanG

    NEED SONG plz help

    i dunno wat its called buh it goes somtin like dis "gabru jattan the puth sher varga " if someone has it can they plz postt thanxx :)