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  1. AmitojSThind

    Bhangra All Stars Sydney (BASS) @ Championships of Bhangra 2019 (1ST PLACE) and @ Bhangra Fever X (2ND PLACE)

    G'Day guys, Here are our videos from the Early 2019 season ?. The BASS Boys embarked on a journey to the East Coast of the United States and performed in TWO competitions on back to back weekends (Bhangra Fever X and Championships of Bhangra). 1st place performance from Championships of...
  2. AmitojSThind

    BASS vs MOB Bhangra Knockout 2017 Mix

    g’day guys, Here’s the Bhangra All Stars Sydney VS Ministry of Bhangra (Sydney) matchup mix from Bhangra Knockout 2017. Link below Any feedback would also be greatly appreciated :)
  3. AmitojSThind

    December MegaMixx // Summer Down-Under 2016 ~ chaMak ~

    Hey wassup guys, Checkout my latest MegaMixx linked below. Thoughts and feedback would be appreciated :D chaMak | 21 | Sydney | BASS
  4. AmitojSThind

    Att Karti + Vail Puna Mashup || Dj ChaMak {Jassi Gill & Ammy Virk}

    A quick Att Karti and Vail Pune Mashup that I mixed. Feedback would be great, thanks guys :)
  5. AmitojSThind

    Excerpts || dj chaMak - timetable 1/2 mashup + putt sardaran de

    Enjoy guys Also any feedback would be great ;D
  6. AmitojSThind

    Summer DownUnder 2015 MegaMixx ~ dj chaMak

    Summer DownUnder 2015 MegaMixx // dj chaMak Any feedback would also be much appreciated ;D Happy Holidays!