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  1. Jatt08

    Gitaz Bindrakhia - Hathiyaar - [Official Video]

    First Album of Legendary Singer Surjit Bindrakhia's Son, Gitaz Bindrakhia: Gitaz Bindrakhia - Hathiyaar - [Official Video] Full HD Song - 2012 - Latest Punjabi Songs
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    Vinaypal Buttar True Song About Sikhi

    Interesting song and alot of us fall under this description :( vinaypal Buttar new song 2011 official video
  3. Jatt08

    Gabru Panjab Dha - JK's NEW ALBUM Hella Sick Album. ENJOY 8)
  4. Jatt08

    Kalle Kalle! Kalle Kalle! Honey Singh Ft J Star - Morni Banke (remake)
  5. Jatt08

    Song Reguest

    Can anyone please post MP3 of this song. Thank You Mahiya by Wadali Brothers (Vehle Engineers)
  6. Jatt08

    Upcomming Punjabi Movie - Canadian Dream

    Canadian Dream Movie Trailer HD
  7. Jatt08

    Satinder Sartaaj - Cheerey Wala Sartaaj

    New Sartaaj Album Enjoy 8)
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    Documentary on Cancer in Punjab

    There is also a page on facebook. You can join it if you want to become a part of discussion. Your comments and views could be valuable. Its question of our motherland, our survival. If we will not speak and do anything than...
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    Right to Be Corrupt

  10. Jatt08

    Cat Bitch-slaps Alligator
  11. Jatt08

    Naag II
  12. Jatt08

    ++++ New Songs by Kuldip Manak and Manveer Chani ++++

    Thought some of you on here might Enjoy these new Manak Songs :)
  13. Jatt08

    Harpreet Randhawa - Vairi Te Bandook Banda Kar Dinda Khaali
  14. Jatt08

    Charging Cell Phone with Peepal Tree Leaves
  15. Jatt08


    I was wondering how come not many teams do Chakkri in their routines these days? Any comments?
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    Jatt V/S Study

    Enjoy :)
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    New Diljit Song: Come Dance with Me

    Kool new Diljit Song :)
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    Bir Khalsa Gatka Group in India Got Talent - Semi-Finals
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    New Diljit Song: Main, Me and Myself

    Enjoy 8)
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    Challa - Babbu Mann