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  1. sahab

    Nachdi Jawani Folk Loverz @ Legacy of Bhangra 2019 (1st Place)

    That dhol...holy balls is amazing! Harjot, what you and your fellow coaches did with these young guys is an inspiration for all of us who are coaching kids and running academies.
  2. sahab

    Should the circuit be looking to use other videographers than GTV who actually upload videos?

    I agree. Set your terms and know what you want. Create some SLAs that the videographer has to meet. Areas of improvement for GTV: Livestreams: GTV livestreams have been very poor quality. I would give benefit of the doubt that there are issues from venue to venue, but other bhangra/fusion...
  3. sahab


    LIT!! Thanks Gary!
  4. sahab

    Bhangra move compendium

    @smehta313 @Gsimz Classic Finger
  5. sahab

    2018-2019 Competitive Season Review

    Best Coed Team: Fauj Best All Guys Team: SPD Best All Girls Team: TBD after RDR Best US Team: FCB if they feel like it Best Canadian Team: SPD, Folk Lovers Best UK Team: - Best Australian Team: - Best Mix: BU @ NDC 2019 Favorite Female Dancer: Ashley from DDR Favorite Male Dancer: Shawn Matharu...
  6. sahab

    Shikke Vendor Comparison

    Buy HSA
  7. sahab

    BB26 Results/Feedback Interesting read
  8. sahab

    HSA Bhangra Props (Your New and Reliable Bhangra Props Provider)

    Furteelay placed an order for 16 khundey and 12 saaps and received them no less than 5 days later. Not only was the HSA team professional, but they also gave us constant updates on our order. Thanks HSA team for making ordering props such a simple process! ???
  9. sahab

    Judging Bias/Rubrics

    Agree 100%. Sid to add to your last point, the judge should also be qualified to explain their thought process when ranking teams to the rubric in a concise and informative manner. An added bonus is the judge can then explain to that team where they can improve to increase their ranking to...
  10. sahab

    qualifications for judging?

  11. sahab

    qualifications for judging?

    @dpatwa32 ?
  12. sahab

    ★★★★★ FAUJ @ Vice City Bhangra 2019 ★★★★★

    Not enough tanks. Needs more call of duty. 1 out of 10 performance <3
  13. sahab

    Favorite Judges

    Howie, Sid, Ankush, Reeda, Varun, Kuntal, Gsimz, Ericpreet, Ampal, Sahil, Varun, Ram FCB, Keshav, Harjot ASD, HK, Nana, Sahil Mehta, Guriqbal Vancity, Cherag, Kinnel That’s just a few off the top of my head. There are def more that I forgot #ReviveUOB
  14. sahab

    qualifications for judging?

    Bro, I’ve heard people straight on my past teams say they were captain of the team in their apps/resume when they definitely were not. Application process for judging needs fixing. Union of bhangra judges is a good way to fix it. Thanks for dropping this post Mann
  15. sahab

    bring back comp reviews

    Please bring back the reviews where people talk about the mixer food. I need to know if the comp served butter chicken or pasta.