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  1. bparikh

    Training Exercise Ideas?

    About 80% of our team this year has never done bhangra before, as a result, we're spending the majority of this semester building basics. Looking to hear how other captains train/drill their teams, or if there are any effective exercises. Did some digging through old threads but didn't find...
  2. bparikh

    DJ Scam Warning: DJ JsM (Jasjeet Matharu)

    My team, Twin Cities Bhangra, in/around May asked DJ JsM to make us a mix for this fall, he agreed to it and was very responsive until the point where he got the first half of the payment for the mix, he then stopped responding to any and all communication attempts with us. He would promise us...
  3. bparikh

    Running Practices/Synchronicity

    My team is gearing up for the coming school year and starting up practices again, and we are doing some major changing and cleaning in the way that we lead/conduct our practices and so I was hoping to get insight from maybe some former/current captains on how you guys organize and run practices...
  4. bparikh


    I'm just curious as to why bhangra comps tend to not really livestream unless its a comp that is also part of a fusion one (ex: buckeye mela/adz). I know livestreams are huge in the fusion circuit and was just wondering why they aren't in the the bhangra circuit, let me know your...
  5. bparikh

    Making Phuman/Other Arm Accessories

    Hi! Being on a collegiate team, we don't have very many funds to purchase new outfit pieces in the case of lost/broken parts. I was wondering if anyone knows has any ideas/suggestions on how to make phuman (I get that it's essentially just pom-poms tied together but wanted to see if anyone had...