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  1. wadz

    Rutgers Bhangra @ Buckeye Mela 2020 (First Place)

    Hi BTF, Here's Rutgers University's mix from Buckeye Mela this year where they won first place! I had the honor of mixing and dancing for them at the competition and it was an amazing experience. As always, please feel to leave feedback!
  2. wadz

    Princeton Bhangra 2018-2019 Mix

    Hi BTF, Just wanted to share Princeton Bhangra's competitive mix for this past season. This is the first mix produced entirely by myself, so please feel free to give feedback! Thanks!! - Azwad
  3. wadz

    Princeton Bhangra @COB Mix 2018

    Hey BTF, I'm proud to present Princeton Bhangra's mix for the spring - this was my first full competitive mix and I had a blast creating it for our team! Special shout out goes to BAAJ and Vaibzzy for our dope jhummar and phumaniya segments, respectively. It was a great opportunity to not only...
  4. wadz

    Wintersession Megamix - Feedback Appreciated!

    Hey BTF! So this is my first real post here, but I'm Azwad (Wadz) and I'm an in-house mixer for Princeton Bhangra who's been mixing on-and-off for about two years now. I've recently had the opportunity to do the full mix for Princeton Bhangra (which will be up in the weeks to come) and also...