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  1. Somi

    Tor Punjaban Di 2010 Reg deadline: Feb 27th, 2010 Event: May 22, 2010
  2. Somi

    O how much I love NFAK
  3. Somi

    Learn Bhangra in 55sec

    Has this been posted? if not take a look. I thought it was kewl! 8)
  4. Somi

    Turn my Swag on - Recession Remix

  5. Somi

    Dhan ta naaaaa [I had to]

    Dhan tan naaaa tan na na!! It never leaves my head!
  6. Somi

    We Remember Malcom X on his 84th birthday
  7. Somi

    Duniya Allstar Intro Video

    I love them and this Intro video
  8. Somi

    Singing @ Masti 3
  9. Somi

    Aja vay Mahi - JS Jagga

    amazing voice....
  10. Somi

    California's Best Dhol Competition 2009 Golden State Dholi - California State?s Premier Annual Competition for the Best Dholi with magnificent prizes and a Coveted Golden State Title to go with the fame of being the Golden State?s Best Dholi. The...
  11. Somi

    [old] "You can vote whatever you like"

    they are adorable.
  12. Somi

    Inmate escapes German jail in box

    excuse my language but WTF WOW...hahahahaa!
  13. Somi

    Seeti @ VIBC NEXT 2008 by Joti Shergill

    this is how it should be done
  14. Somi


    ...WOW... ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  15. Somi

    Ustaad Lal Singh Bhatti

    along side with Balwinder Bhatti and Raju Dholi
  16. Somi

    Fusion Royale

    any updates?
  17. Somi

    Faizan is...

    just having fun doing bhangra...with a great commentator... lol
  18. Somi

    Are you voting...

    for your favorite team @ Boston Bhangra??
  19. Somi

    an Awesome Boliyan Jam Session

    AUSSIE Uncles going crazy...I LOVED IT!
  20. Somi


    khair mubarak ;) Was not sure if you crazy BTFer will check tomo so I thought I say it tonight! Hope you had a BLESSED month! once again EID MUBARAK!