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  1. Aka$h

    Mixing Ladder 2016

    I've spoken to alot of mixers in the past few weeks and alot of them seem ready to have a mixing ladder again, Thoughts?
  2. Aka$h

    Need A Dhad Loop

    I need a dhad loop, thanks in advance.
  3. Aka$h

    Sajna- Aka$h

    In light of recent events, this is my first attempt at eq'ing.
  4. Aka$h

    *** NYU BBC 2013 Mix.***

    Here's the mix for Nyu at Boston, A big thank you to DJ Preet for Eq'ing the on stage version, this version is my own Eq, Dont really want feedback cause half of you are just gonna say "Great concept, Eq sucks" So thanks 22g's Bye now.
  5. Aka$h

    DJ Aka$h- "Dat New New"

    ssa 22g
  6. Aka$h

    *NYU BBC 2013 Ending Segment Mix* Here's the Ending segment Mix for NYU
  7. Aka$h

    DJ Aka$h- Week 6 Mix

    My challenger forfeit, but i would love some feedback. (other than eq)
  8. Aka$h

    Gidhe De Vich-Lembher Hussainpuri- Dj Aka$h

    NVM Gonna fix this
  9. Aka$h

    Folk Tribute Clip- Aka$h Feedback?
  10. Aka$h

    Garry Sandhu Brick Remix - Aka$h

    Havent posted in a bit. Heres a mix of Brick by Garry Sandhu. Plus follow me on Soundcloud ;)
  11. Aka$h

    Diljit-Radio Snippet

    take it and go
  12. Aka$h


    Heres a megamix yo. 8)
  13. Aka$h

    Notorious Jatt 2 Mix

    Im so late with this, i could've sworn i put this up :o but anyways here it is.
  14. Aka$h

    Tera Yaar Bolda Mix clip

    Heres a clip for a mix im making for a friend Feedback would be appreciated. ;D
  15. Aka$h

    Notorious Jatt 2 Rough mix Feedback ?